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2018 Awards Preview - Most Effective Programmatic Campaign

David Murphy

Ahead of our 2018 Effective Mobile Marketing Awards, we'll be previewing the nominees in each category, giving you a glimpse at the high quality of entries we've seen this year. Social media gives brands and consumers alike a unique way to connect. These entries all made the most of this powerful channel to reach and engage their audiences.

Pernod Ricard, S4M and Factual – Pernod Ricard Drive-to-store Airport Geotargeting Campaign
The aim of this campaign was to promote two blended whiskies for Pernod Ricard in its Chivas Regal portfolio, the Chivas Regal 12 and Brother’s Blend, a travel-retail exclusive. The overall objective was to be able to measure actual shopper visits into duty free stores from the digital advertising campaign.

The target audience for the luxury scotch whisky market is frequent flyers and business travellers, so the airport environment was identified as the ideal context to reach intended shoppers. To meet the challenge of cutting through the clutter of messages consumers are exposed to in airports and duty free environments, Pernod Ricard planned to to stand out with an easy-to-follow guide into nearby shops.

In order to bridge online performance with real-world impact, two groups of unique device IDs were identified. The controlled group of unique device IDs are referred to as non-exposed users. This control group is composed of audiences with the same profile as the exposed group. The volume of the control group is also the same size as the exposed group of audience clusters to be able to measure the store visits uplift post-campaign.

The custom audience clusters defined for the campaign, frequent flyers and business travellers, were built based on probabilistic behavioural data such as browser history and apps downloaded. We also enriched these clusters with geolocation data from the target airports in the three different UK cities, London, Manchester and Edinburgh.

The campaign leveraged location data uniquely available from mobile devices to geo-target custom audience clusters around airports in the UK and only in international terminals. For instance, at London’s Heathrow airport, the consumer targeting was limited to only terminals 3,4, and 5. In order to align with Chivas Regal’s ultra-premium brand position and century-old heritage, the ad formats during the campaign were interstitials to fully immerse the consumers into the branded universe. After the mobile user engaged with the ad and clicked on the call-to-action ‘Find us in your airport’, they arrives at a custom landing page tailored for their specific airport terminal.

The campaign reached 24.7 per cent of the total UK population. Pernod Ricard measured 306 visits into duty-free shops over the one-month campaign period and was able match the device IDs of 126 visits that engaged with the mobile ad as incremental visits from the campaign.

The campaign generated a visitation uplift of 70 per cent when comparing the exposed users to non-exposed users in the control group. The overall campaign generated a visitation rate of 0.31 per cent. More than half of the total visits into duty free shops took place within one hour to five days after the initial ad exposure.

Digital Remedy – 2017 Holiday Campaign 
For this campaign, a leading canine joint health supplement brand wanted to target female pet owners aged 35 and up, to promote its product; acquire new and returning customers; and raise brand awareness to drive in-store sales.

Digital Remedy launched a holiday-themed mobile, display, and pre-roll video campaign that ran across the US throughout Q4 of 2017. For mobile specifically, high-impact display creatives were used, including 300x250, 320x50 and 320x480. These creatives were divided into two categories, one intended to drive brand awareness, the other focused on sales. Despite the sales of pet products and services facing disruption from the likes of Amazon, the campaign yielded strong results.

The mobile display brand awareness ads delivered a clickthrough rate (CTR) of 2.19 and 2.38 per cent CTR. The ads to drive sales saw CTRs of 2.19 and 2.22 per cent. The pre-roll video ads achieved CTRs of between 1.14 and 1.67 per cent, and video completion rates of between 80 and 85 per cent.

Hawaiian Tropic, Wavemaker and Xaxis – Hawaiian Tropic Short-form Video Campaign
Sun care brand Hawaiian Tropic was looked to shift brand perceptions from being a sun care protection product to one that also has true skincare and beauty credentials. Wavemaker was tasked with running a campaign to build brand awareness and presence of the Hawaiian Tropic range in the UK. A key objective was to encourage the UK’s young women to be protected from the sun, not just when they are on a beach holiday abroad, but also during key summer moments such as Hot Weekends in the City and Festivals. The brand’s target audience was fashionable females 18-34, with 18-24 year olds the core target.

With studies showing that younger audiences spend at least 1hr 30mins daily on social media (Nielsen, 2018), Wavemaker believed the best option would be a mobile-first campaign, that ran on premium social and entertainment environments. Hawaiian Tropic and Wavemaker partnered with Xaxis, as its new short form video product could address consumers decreasing attention spans by serving consumers impactful, mobile first, six-second video ads.

Where advertisers have traditionally been limited to using Facebook and YouTube because the alternatives haven’t yet offered the required reach or scale, Xaxis’ new Short-Form Video product tackles this challenge by allowing its clients to reach 27m UK consumers across a selection of premium partners including Twitter, Spotify, Global Radio.

Hawaiian Tropic worked with the Wavemaker content team to create three vibrant six-second videos, that promoted key products and Aloha Spirit. The video creative highlights the brands target audience of young fashion conscious females in three different scenarios – at a festival, enjoying city life in the summer and relaxing on the beach. Using these video creatives, Xaxis began setting up the campaign to target relevant audience segments within its platform.

As the business objective was to bolster reach and brand awareness, Xaxis proposed that it optimise the campaign towards completed video views, whilst maintaining good coverage across all app environments. The campaign ran on a hand-picked selection of millennial focused, household brands including Twitter, Spotify and relevant Global properties such as Capital, Heart and Capital Xtra. On Spotify, ads would only play on songs users selected and on Global, the ads only ran on its known brands online.

Hawaiian Tropic achieved excellent results for their first ever short-form video campaign. The campaign results are confidential, but were shared with the judges.

New Look and Criteo – Customer Acquisition Beta
With this campaign, New Look wanted to engage a wider online audience in order to bring new customers to its website, and then drive conversions from them, focusing on those who were most likely to buy.

To do so, it turned to Criteo’s Customer Acquisition Beta technology. This allowed New Look to analyse the anonymised browsing and purchase history of over 1.2bn monthly shoppers in Criteo's user database. It also enabled the retailer to implement a full funnel approach to its acquisition efforts. Potential customers who had a high propensity to buy could be immediately profiled and targeted with relevant products, based on Criteo's sponsored product network.

In order to use this wealth of data efficiently, Criteo’s Customer Acquisition Beta made use of machine-learning to identify key trends behaviours that would enable New Look to effectively target net-new customers. It assessed anonymised browsing and purchasing events of individual shoppers across a wide-range of sites, gradually refining its recommendations as it learned the trends and best responses to them.

The visibility offered by the platform meant that the vertical and category aggregated data could then be used to evaluate product preferences, providing New Look with crucial targeting insight for those new customers. Additionally, each prospect was assigned a unique score on their profile based on their propensity to buy.

The campaign was a resounding success, delivering 4x more orders than New Look saw with any of its other acquisition partners, and a 74 per cent reduction in cost per order compared to other acquisition partners.

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