2019 Award Winners: App, Use of Data and Cross-screen Campaign categories

David Murphy

Following our recent Effective Mobile Marketing Awards Ceremony, we continue our round-up of the winning campaign in each category with a look at the winners of the Most Effective App; Most Effective Use of Data; and Most Effective Cross-screen Campaign categories.

Most Effective App
KodakMoments – PixPax
PixPax is an app designed for the Instagram generation. It gives serial smartphone snappers 18 free retro prints, which are 100 per cent recycled, with any order. Photos can be styled up in the app’s photo editor to add filters, borders, captions and emojis. Optional extras include a stylish hanging kit, sticker sets or added prints (24 or 36). The 18 prints are free, users pay only a small delivery fee. The app launched on iOS in November 2018, and on Android in April 2019.

The strategy behind PixPax was to tap into the resurgent appeal of retro photo prints, and create a mobile app that makes these prints more accessible to young people, who don’t always have a lot of spare cash. That’s why the first 18 prints are free. Despite a crowded photo printing marketplace, the company was keen to energise younger people into printing photos, with a different style of prints & different type of offer not previously available. The goal was to generate a wonderful user experience, targeting over 100,000 app installs within the first year.

Marketing activity has included PR, partnerships, influencer campaigns, Facebook and Instagram ads, and Apple Paid Search. In the App Store, it has garnered a 4.8 rating, off the back of over 1,000 user reviews, and achieved 60,000 downloads in six months.

Judges’ View: “A great-looking app that plays to the needs of the Instagram generation and is perfectly aligned to its target market.”

Pilot Flying J & Publicis Sapient picked up a Highly Commended in this category for the redesign of the Pilot Flying J mobile app.

Pilot Flying J serves the around 3.5m professional truck drivers in the US, helping them in getting fuelled, fed, rested, and showered in the most efficient way possible. Serving more than 1.6m guests every day, it also providers services for RV’ers and auto drivers.

After months of research and testing, a fully redesigned experience was delivered featuring enhanced on-boarding that paves the way for future personalisation, a fully revamped loyalty system, and a message inbox enabling the company to send direct communications via the app on subjects such as important alerts, offers, and rewards.

Since launching, Pilot Flying J has seen a 127 per cent increase in app installs and a 170 per cent increase in unique users compared to last year. Its app store average rating has increased from 2.9 to 4.8 with over 15,000 reviews and users are redeeming more offers, with more than 280,000 free drinks awarded to new users.

Most Effective Use of Data
ODEON Cinemas and Yellow Velo – Roll the Film, Let the Data-led Magic Begin
Odeon has a database consisting of 4.2m customers and those that engage with communications tend to book and visit an Odeon cinema. However, it was found that 71 per cent of customers hadn’t opened any communications in the last three months. So, it set out to change this.

With Yellow Velo, it set out to gain a better, enriched, and actionable view of customers’ behaviour through taxonomy data insights; create interactions and mobile-first experiences which enabled the cinema to learn more about customers; and develop communications and mobile-first experiences that were data- and context-driven to increase engagement.

The 2019 awards season was used as an opportunity to engage customers at a time when film would be culturally relevant and covered by the media. Customers were asked to join a poll to have their say on who would win high-profile awards, with 12,800 of them participating and more knowledge gained about their film preferences. This achieved open rates (OR) of 20 per cent, with a click through rate (CTO) of 16.3 per cent.

Then, with the releases of Avengers: Endgame, Captain Marvel, and Spider-Man: Far From Home, taxonomy data was used to structure communications strategy. Data provided insights into customer interactions with previous superhero film campaigns and their onsite behaviour, leading to a ‘superfans’ subset of those who had seen all 21 preceding Marvel films.

For Avengers: Endgame, the superfans received exclusive invites to book tickets for the opening night and were kept engaged using an interactive quiz. After seeing the film, they were encouraged to see it again to spot things they may have missed the first time around.

Using taxonomy data insights, OR were increased by 562 per cent, while CTO grew 669 per cent. OR averaged 26.8 per cent above industry benchmark and some campaigns peaked at 76.21 per cent, with CTO averaging 14 per cent above the five per cent target.

The pre-book invite garnered an OR of 76 per cent and a CTO of 48.5 per cent. Overall, the Avengers campaign saw revenue grow by 1,239 per cent.

The third phase of Odeon’s engagement drive occurred during the summer holidays, targeting families. In the run-up to the period, communications were created that demonstrated empathy for busy parents who would have to find way to keep their children preoccupied over the six-week break. A ‘Family Film Finder’ tool was developed, where parents answered four questions and were provided with tailored film recommendations, as well as information about their local Odeon. Parents were also targeted with reminders of films showing when there was bad weather forecasted.

In this final phase, there was a 16.9 per cent OR overall. Of those that opened the email and interacted with the tool, there was a 44.7 per cent OR and 44.2 per cent CTO for the follow-up email.

Judges’ View: “ODEON and Yellow Velo have pulled out great audience insights in a very cost-efficient way to drive fantastic results, using first- and third-party data.

Most Effective Cross-screen Campaign
The Home Office, Manning Gottlieb OMD and Venatus Media – #KnifeFree
In November 2018, Venatus supported the Home Office’s #knifefree campaign to help tackle one of the Home Office’s key priorities – reducing knife crime in the UK. Young males aged between 15 and 18 were identified as the group most at risk of carrying or considering carrying knives, and this audience was found to have a passion for gaming, spending more than eight hours playing games each week.

The Home Office worked with Venatus to reach this target audience in a trusted environment, both whilst they were at home on consoles and on the move playing apps. On mobile, via EA apps, there was also the opportunity to cut-through to the target audience and increase engagement as the viewer chooses to watch the advert to receive an in-game reward.

The campaign used three different video creatives, each telling the stories of real people who have turned their lives around. The videos linked to the #knifefree website, providing access to information about the consequences of knife crime and inspiration on how to move away from it.

The targeted gaming campaign ran alongside targeted out of home, paid search, digital audio, and use of the video in shorter teaser formats on Snapchat and Instagram with a ‘swipe up’ message encouraging people to engage with the longer form assets.

The PlayStation video part of the campaign delivered 422,656 impressions with 267,065 completed views, generating a view-through rate of 62.2 per cent compared to the industry benchmark of 50 per cent.

The EA reward video part of the campaign delivered 267,796 views and 5796 clicks, exceeding benchmarks and generating a CTR of 2.2 per cent. The EA reward video received the highest view-through rate of all campaign channels at 95.9 per cent, exceeding the already high industry benchmark of 90 per cent.
Judges’ View: “Extremely clear objective, with several insights factored into building a robust strategic approach, with clear sequential messaging in order to shift behaviours. Plus, brilliant campaign metrics in terms of completed views and clickthrough rates.”