2019 Award Winners: Automotive, CRM and App Install Campaign categories

David Murphy

Following our recent Effective Mobile Marketing Awards Ceremony, we continue our round-up of the winning campaign in each category with a look at the winners of the Most Effective App Install Campaign; Most Effective CRM Campaign; and Most Effective Automotive Campaign or Solution

Most Effective Automotive Campaign or Solution
Volvo, Mobsta, Mindshare and Finecast – Volvo XC60 Human Innovations Campaign
This campaign aimed to reignite interest in the Volvo XC60, which was starting to fall short of orders, showcasing its award-winning features with video to encourage people to want to experience the car themselves. A key facet of the campaign was to understand the effect it had on driving the target audience into dealerships was the primary KPI.

Volvo partnered with Mobsta to use the company’s location-derived audience data to build a segment of auto-intenders at a post code level. Audiences that had been exposed to a TV ad for the car were also retargeted with display ads, within an optimum 30 mins/5-mile drive time to dealerships.

The overall campaign effect was then measured using Mobsta’s proprietary data and an exposed and control methodology at the device level – the first time this data had been used to buy against and measure a TV campaign. To do so, Mobsta’s data scientists had to devise a new methodology using machine learning to handle the volume of data a highly targeted national TV campaign produces.

Footfall volumes were compared across two time periods: pre-campaign (90 days previous) and post-campaign (from campaign start to 30 days post), using density-based cluster analysis to identify catchment areas and assign impression delivery to each dealership, in order to measure relative exposure to the campaign.

Mobsta was able to report results for each delivered media channel – linear TV and addressable TV – at a regional level and mobile media at a dealership level. This methodology gives Volvo actionable insights for future campaigns, as it has a better understanding of which regions performed best, thus identifying areas requiring greater focus or the need for alternative channels. Overall, the campaign drove an uplift of more than 30 per cent in dealership visits across all channels.

Judges’ View: “An innovative combination of linear TV, addressable TV and mobile, combined with postcode-level targeting, to drive footfall into Volvo dealerships with great success.”

Most Effective CRM Campaign
Google Assistant and Epsilon – Global CRM Program
All information supplied for this entry was marked as confidential, for the judges’ eyes only, but impressed the judges sufficiently to win the Award.

Judges’ View: “A smart and engaging campaign which has delivered a big increase in product usage, and a massive increase in the use of new features.”

Most Effective App Install Campaign

mytaxi and YodelMobile – App Growth Campaign
MyTaxi wished to focus on the user funnel from impression to rebooking as it continued to expand its reach across cities in the UK. Its objectives were to utilise effective channels for acquisition, populate the app with high-intent users, encourage first time user booking, and increase retention and average re-booking per user.

Yodel incorporated these objectives into three stages of its strategy, starting with increasing impression to install, then increasing install to first time user, and finally increasing first time user re-booking.

The app marketing consultancy used a combination of app store optimisation, push and in-app messaging, and highly targeted and retargeting campaigns.
The results of the campaign were shown to the judges in confidence and were more than sufficient to take the Award.

Judges’ View: “Clear and logical strategy with good execution and optimisation, and fantastic results."