2019 Award Winners: Entertainment, In-app Ad and Messaging Campaign categories

Following our recent Effective Mobile Marketing Awards Ceremony, we continue our round-up of the winning campaign in each category with a look at the winners of the Most Effective Entertainment Campaign or Solution; Most Effective In-app Advertising Campaign; and Most Effective Messaging Campaign categories.

Most Effective Entertainment Campaign or Solution
CBBC, Havas Media and Venatus Media – CBBC Buzz App
CBBC set out to deliver a campaign that would generate awareness and excitement amongst their core audience of 6-12year olds. To do this, it had to reach them on the phones and tablets within the apps that they use the most. CBBC worked with Havas Media Group and Venatus Media to create and deliver a creative campaign across relevant kids gaming and entertainment apps.

They created a MRAID minigame in the form of an emoji-based quiz, ‘sticker name minigame’. Once the audience had finished the minigame, a call to action appeared inviting them to play more games like that on the Buzz app.

The minigame was served in natural game pauses in games including Bad Piggies, Angry Birds Epic, Angry Birds Space, Angry Birds Go, Angry Birds 2 and Angry Birds Seasons.

The engagement rate of the campaign was 31.52 per cent, exceeding the typical 20 per cent benchmark, while click through rates were 5.27 per cent. The campaign ‘overdelivered’ on impressions by 14 per cent.

Judges’ View: “Strong strategy and execution and great results. And we loved the app too, it’s great fun.”

Universal Pictures and AGCS were awarded a Highly Commended in this category for their GIFt Game Search Campaign to promote sales of Universal Pictures DVD boxsets as possible during the ‘Sinterklaas’ and Christmas gifting period in the Netherlands.

The GIF’t Game consisted of a simple mobile interface that enabled customers to play a game to get a gift suggestion based on who the gift is for, the personality of the person, and what movie genre they prefer. At the end of the game, the consumer was then presented with a shortlist of five different DVD suggestions based on the answers they provided. By selecting one of the options, the customer was redirected to an eCommerce site where they were able to buy the DVDs.The completion rate of the game was an impressive 90 per cent.

Most Effective In-app Advertising Campaign
Playtika and Aarki – World Series of Poker User Onboarding Campaign
In July 2018, Playtika partnered with Aarki for a user acquisition campaign to broaden the audience reach of its legacy title, World Series of Poker (WSOP). The campaign goal was to get an increased user base with high engagement and lifetime value, generated at a low cost per install (CPI).

The campaign ran programmatically, delivering access to high-quality media inventory from the major ad exchanges across the US through real-time bidding. A combination of custom bidding models and dynamic creative optimization was key to the success of the campaign.

Aarki used Platika’s first-party data to train models to predict user quality and lifetime value. The use of both (CPI) and cost per engagement (CPE) optimization enabled Aarki to keep the CPI low while maximizing install and engagement rate.

To get the most relevant ad creatives for the WSOP app, Aarki ran A/B tests using its multivariate technology, which allowed it to create different versions of each ad. The multivariate testing helped determine which variant worked best. Aarki looked into metrics including install rate and click-through rate to determine the best performing creative.

As the testing continued, the campaign was optimized towards the best performing ad creative, and scaled. Once the top performing “champion” creative had been identified, a “challenger” creative ad in the same display/video ad format was added, but with a slight difference in the ad elements. After testing and comparing the performance of these two creatives, Aarki identified the champion and increased its media and budget allocation to reach the audience with the highest engagement.

The campaign KPIs surpassed expectations. The CPI dropped dramatically, while return on investment was 22 per cent over target. Clickthrough rate increased by 60 per cent over the course of the campaign, while the install rate saw an increase of 45 per cent.

Most Effective Messaging Campaign
Countable and Leanplum – Civic Engagement Campaign
Countable is a civic technology company powering a new wave of political engagement in the US. It enables its users to understand the laws Congress is considering, and streamlines the process of contacting lawmakers, so citizens can tell them how they want them to vote on bills under consideration.

The company partnered with Leanplum to develop campaigns that connected users with their representatives and enabled them to share how they’d vote on pending legislation. With the average member of the US Congress representing between 800,000 and 1m people, it’s difficult to communicate and get an accurate read on the concerns of constituents. Countable used Leanplum’s platform to better support the democratic process by communicating to millions of individuals on a more personal and actionable level.

Countable used Leanplum to provide non-partisan, easy-to-understand summaries of legislative activities based on each person’s distinctive interests. The Leanplum platform also enables users to take action by sending their opinions directly to their representatives through Countable’s messaging platform. Countable users are able to vote on legislation with the simple push of a Yes or No button, and also share their opinions within the Countable community.

Countable created a campaign using Leanplum’s software to determine what messages resonated with their users the most. Their campaign focused on sending a variety of push notifications, as well as intentional emails to their users. Over several weeks, Countable was able to update the campaign in real-time to drive engagement.

Leanplum user analytics revealed the best channels through which to engage with each user and the time of day that each individual user was most likely to interact with the app. Armed with this knowledge, Countable was then able to test the effectiveness of keyword placements, use of emojis and rich push notifications.

Leanplum enabled Countable to communicate with millions of individuals on a personal, meaningful and actionable level, supporting the democratic process. In total, Countable successfully enabled 36m civic engagements, keeping its users informed and strengthening the connection and transparency between representatives and their constituents.

Through its analytics and message-testing tools, Leanplum improved Countable’s communications with its users in real time. Countable can now create email and push notifications that feel personal to each user at scale.