2019 Award Winners: Innovative, Travel & Tourism and Search Campaign categories

Following our recent Effective Mobile Marketing Awards Ceremony, we continue our round-up of the winning campaign in each category with a look at the winners of the Most Innovative Campaign; Most Effective Travel & Tourism Campaign; and Most Effective Search Campaign categories.

Most Innovative Campaign
SailGP and Apadmi – The SailGP App
SailGP is a new global sports championship founded in 2018 by Larry Ellison and Sir Russell Coutts. It aims to redefine the sport of sailing. Teams from the US, Australia, China, France, Great Britain and Japan, compete in identical F50 hydrofoiling catamarans in five events. The first race of the inaugural season was in Sydney in February 2019.

The sport is built on cutting-edge innovation and technology. Over 1,200 data points on the boats and athletes deliver real-time data, enabling the teams’ strategists to make key decisions on the water, and the design team to continually evolve the boats off the water.

Apadmi’s brief was to match the innovation on the water with a second-screen app experience that allows SailGP to a capture a new global audience and put fans in control of the way they experience the race, streaming eight different video streams, in real time, from across the world.

The app draws on the data points to show boat speed, direction, wind speed, tack angle and much more, in a visually appealing, compelling way for the user. Users can choose an Advanced or Basic view. New fans saw simpler views, with educational visuals for all data points. Experts could configure the data dashboard they wanted and hone in on specific data from the boats.

With eight simultaneous video streams, fans can decide what they want to watch, though to make this possible, Apadmi had to navigate different broadcasting rights for different territories, and ensure that in each territory, the app correctly restricted feeds to those allowed by the broadcaster.

Fans at the event use the app as a complement to the live experience. Apadmi had to ensure very low latency so that what they see with the naked eye, they see on the device, as close to real time as possible. Working with SailGP’s official partner Oracle, it combined Oracle, LiveLine and Tata technology to make this happen.

On the first day of the first race in Sydney, the app attracted 3,600 users, growing to 20,000 by the second race. And Apadmi managed to successfully stream eight different video streams, in real time, from across the world – something that had never been done before.

Judges’ View: “We were impressed, really loved this one. Spoiler mode is a great idea given the fact the races took place all over the world, and the app looks terrific.”

Most Effective Search Campaign
Babylon Health and The ASO Co – Organic Search App Install Campaign
AI-powered healthcare app Babylon Health wanted to use app store optimisation techniques to increase their visibility for relevant organic search terms, alongside its other marketing channels.

By using app store specific conversion rate optimisation methods, the aim was to expand the conversion rate of users who landed on their app store listing to installing their product.

The ASO Co reverse-engineered the algorithms within both Google Play and the App Store to understand where, when, and how often keywords and phrases need to be place within the app store description for the algorithms to index those words and rank them for those search terms.
It also analysed nine months’ worth of historical app store assets and keyword rank data of both Babylon and its competitors, using these insights to produced data-driven and optimised metadata in-line with app store algorithms.

On the creative front, the ASO Co harnessed Google Experiments to A/B test various assets within the Google Play stay, and used its proprietary database of real users to collect feedback on screenshots, copy, tone, etc.

Using all of the above, a four-month campaign timeline was created to work alongside Babylon’s update release schedule. The campaign involved one full metadata optimisation, including all written assets in both app stores; and one full creative optimisation, including icon, screenshots, and feature graphic. Then, using the data from the first two optimisations, the ASO Co re-optimised the metadata to further increase search visibility.

On Google Play, there was a 156 per cent increase in keywords appearing in the top three searches and organic installs increased by 153 per cent. On iOS, there was a 217 per cent increase in keywords appearing in the top three searches and a 35 per cent increase in organic installs.
Judges’ View: “A solid ASO strategy delivering a good increase in visibility and uplift in installs.”

Most Effective Travel & Tourism Campaign or Solution
mytaxi and YodelMobile – App Growth Campaign
MyTaxi wished to focus on the user funnel from impression to rebooking as it continued to expand its reach across cities in the UK. Its objectives were to utilise effective channels for acquisition, populate the app with high-intent users, encourage first time user booking, and increase retention and average re-booking per user.

Yodel incorporated these objectives into three stages of its strategy, starting with increasing impression to install, then increasing install to first time user, and finally increasing first time user re-booking.

The app marketing consultancy used a combination of app store optimisation, push and in-app messaging, and highly targeted and retargeting campaigns.

The results of the campaign were shown to the judges in confidence and were more than sufficient to take the Award.

Judges’ View: “Solid strategy, leaving nothing to chance and excellent results. A clear winner.”