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2019 Award Winners: Launch Campaign and Mobile-first Service categories

David Murphy

Following our recent Effective Mobile Marketing Awards Ceremony, we complete our round-up of the winning campaign in each category with a look at the winners of the Most Effective Launch Campaign and Most Effective Mobile-first Service categories.

Most Effective Launch Campaign
Sprint – Sprint Complete
For the fiscal year 2018, the Sprint Handset Insurance Business was expected to decline by five per cent due to a higher digital mix (lower sales rates) and a tired traditional brand. To reverse the decline, Sprint launched Sprint Complete and transformed the core proposition of an insurance offering, from a rare but significant negative event-based product to a positive one.

It took away the fear of a cracked screens by introducing “no questions asked” $29 repair service. It also reduced the need for an expensive high-memory through the launch of an unlimited storage app for photos and videos. And it introduced one-touch access to a live, US-based technical expert that empathises with customers and can help them with virtually all their mobile technical needs.

Sprint Complete was promoted in store and through telesales, and web channels including social media. In December 2018, paid social media ads on Facebook and Instagram delivered over 30m impressions in less than four weeks.

Video ads featuring Sprint’s brand ambassador Paul Marcarelli and Sprint’s sassbot robot aired on Sprint’s YouTube channel, and on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. On YouTube, influencers such as Ten Second, Cute Girls Hairstyles and Brianna White promoted Sprint Complete to their fan base, achieving over 1m views.

Ultimately, Sprint established brand equity by creating positive awareness, developing a brand personality and building a personal relationship with its customers by keeping true to its brand promise: “When life happens, we’ve got your back.”

The renovated Sprint Complete product won back customers’ hearts by helping them stay more productive and was regarded as one of the best radical product innovations in Sprint’s recent history. It sold better and displayed lower churn, despite a base migration to a $2 higher price point.

Judges’ View: “The results show an impressive margin growth on the investment made, equating to a very healthy ROI. Training 60,000 agents as part of the launch is also no mean feat.”

Most Effective Mobile-first Service
Sliide – Headlines, News and Rewards: Offering More From Mobile
Since winning the award for Most Effective Consumer Smartphone App and being highly commended in the Most Effective Mobile-first service category for its service in Africa in 2016, Sliide has expanded into other markets around the world. The company has brought its service to the US, the UK, and to wider Europe. Its proprietary technologies have been pre-installed on millions of mobile devices around the world by mobile network operators in order to engage users and decrease churn.

Sliide software includes its Headlines/News feed, which constantly updates stories in 130 languages from 260 countries; its Rewards app, which gives people in-app currency for interacting with game; and its app widget, which recommends apps to users based on geography and what they’ve downloaded before.

The three products – which can all be branded as the operator wishes – were developed following consultations with operators, handset manufacturers, content products, and companies from across the mobile advertising ecosystem.

Sliide’s customers include three of the eight mobile operators in the US, four of the top handset manufacturers, thousands of retailers, Facebook and Google, and hundreds of specialist online advertising companies. More than 700,000 new phones with Sliide’s software installed are manufactured and sold every month – a figure expected to reach 1m by the end of the year.

Meanwhile, on the advertising front, there are 1bn monthly impressions, 200m monthly clicks, and is a 30 per cent all-time retention in comparison to the average apps in the lifestyle category suffering the same churn in just 90 days.

Judges’ View: “Very strong results and real effectiveness here for a clearly well thought-out solution, white labelled to multiple players in developing markets.”