2019 Award Winners: Augmented Reality, Retail/FMCG and Location Campaign categories

David Murphy

Following our recent Effective Mobile Marketing Awards Ceremony, we continue our round-up of the winning campaign in each category with a look at the winners of the Most Effective Retail/FMCG Campaign or Solution; Most Effective Augmented Reality Campaign; and Most Effective Location Campaign categories.

Most Effective Augmented Reality Campaign
7-Eleven and Zappar – Always-on AR
In 2018, 7-Eleven embarked on a new digital strategy to enhance how it rewards customer loyalty with its customers via the 7Rewards app. The retailer saw an opportunity for augmented reality to form an integral part of the strategy within the app, delivering high-quality experiences by maximizing its diverse range of brand partnerships with the aim of increasing store visits and sales.

For the AR element, 7-Eleven turned to Zappar’s lightweight SDK and custom-branded zapcodes to deliver fun and rewarding AR experiences, including mini-games, shareable face filters and celebrity photo opportunities, which also earned users valuable 7Rewards points. In essence, AR acted as the glue between 7Eleven’s existing in-store rewards program and the digital ecosystem of the 7Rewards app - combining immersive AR experiences with tangible, on-going rewards.

The 7-Eleven 'Always-on' AR campaign (while still on-going), had its first-year rollout between April 2018 to June 2019. The campaign’s execution was emblematic of 7-Eleven and Zappar’s commitment to continuing to set AR best practices, delivering a calendar of engaging AR content as part of an ‘always-on’ experience.

Via campaigns for the likes of Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Doritos, Redbull, Reese’s, BODYARMOR and the Deadpool 2 franchise, the past year’s activity has had a manifold effect in increasing app downloads for the 7Rewards app. The inspired combination of in-store activity and in-app experiences has also helped deliver engagement, store visits, social sharing and sales for the brand and their partners.

Over a 12-month period, Zappar delivered more than 30 unique AR experiences, all geared towards supporting 7-Eleven’s camera strategy and rewarding customer loyalty. The retailer partnered with Dallas Cowboys, enabling customers to take a selfie with Cowboys quarterback star, Dak Prescott via the app and share it on social for additional points.

For the release of Deadpool 2, it created 12 immersive experiences which were unlocked periodically in-store across a nine-week period, ranging from highly shareable face filters to compelling mini-games. These generated considerable excitement, with over 3.5m scans taking place.

And in a collaboration with Pepsi around the Super Bowl, Zappar helped 7-Eleven to create a face filter that enabled users to take a photo or video of themselves wearing a specially-created kit in the Pepsi brand colors. Through AR, the user was turned into a 3D character and could perform a touchdown-inspired celebration to camera (along with pumping music!).

In total, 7-Eleven saw more than 10m engagements in just 12 months. The AR experiences within the app have delivered 40 incremental trips per store, and the retailer has seen a 16 per cent sales uplift for beverage brands.

Judges’ View: “A strong, multi-faceted campaign, in which AR acted as the glue between the in-store rewards program and the 7Rewards app. It’s great the way brand promotions were integrated, and the engagement levels are incredible.”

Most Effective Retail/FMCG Campaign or Solution
Twinings, LoopMe and the7stars: Twinings Superblends UK Campaign
As the retail landscape continues to evolve, it has become more important than ever for FMCG brands to link online metrics to offline outcomes. In fact, according to the Office for National Statistics £1 in every £5 spent with UK retailers is now spent online. With this in mind FMCG brands are having to become smarter when it comes to measuring the impact digital advertising spend has on sales of their products in store.

With this campaign, Twinings and LoopMe wanted to drive purchase intent and sales for Twinings Superblends product, targeting ABC1 high earners aged 25-44 in the UK. They also wanted to link online metrics to offline outcomes and drive in-store sales through digital advertising.
Working with The7stars and IRI, LoopMe’s ‘quali-tea’ campaign used data, analytics and artificial intelligence innovations to optimise towards the clients KPI in real-time and deliver real-world outcomes.

LoopMe used its PurchaseLoop Sales solution to measure product level purchases, optimising towards sales and providing deeper audience insights throughout campaign flight. Creative, rich media messaging was tailored to each supermarket stock list (Tesco, ASDA and Sainsbury’s). Supermarkets were then geo-targeted to ensure each creative was contextually relevant based on the location of the consumer.

To measure the impact of the campaign, LoopMe established a control and exposed group: those who have viewed the ad and those who have not. It then asked users within the target audience “Are you likely to purchase Twinings Superblends in the next three weeks?” Analysis was then conducted on the digital footprints and data characteristics of those who responded positively with a ‘Yes’ or ‘Maybe’ and those who responded negatively with a ‘No’.

LoopMe’s AI platform then trains a predictive model using this data to determine the likelihood of each user’s purchase intent increasing after having been shown the ad. Only if the probability is high enough, is the ad then served. The targeting is then refined and optimised as the campaign runs to improve results.

These results were supplied to the judges in confidence, but delivered significant uplifts in purchase intent and sales.

Judges’ View: “A great campaign, demonstrating a solid, real-world application of AI to drive strong results.”

Women’s clothing retailer Chico’s and its agency Vibes took home a Highly Commended in this category for Chico’s Mobile Campaigns. These included a St. Patrick’s Day campaign where members of Chico’s mobile program received a shamrock that they “scratched-to-reveal" a special offer; and a Spring Preview Guide, which gave members access to an exclusive digital catalogue, showcasing the season’s newest items.

By adding mobile into the mix Chico’s has grown its subscription database, acquired new customers, re-engaged lapsed ones, and increased ROI, margin and UPTs (units per transaction).

Most Effective Location Campaign
Ryanair and Swrve – Localizing Real-time Relevance to Increase Customer Loyalty
With over 55 per cent of its digital traffic coming from mobile devices, Ryanair turned to Swrve to improve its connectivity, increase mobile revenue, and elevate customer experiences and satisfaction with the brand.

As part of its ‘Always Getting Better’ campaign, the Ryanair team wanted an effective way to measure their customers’ satisfaction with overall experience, boarding, crew friendliness, service onboard and range of food and drink and more, as well as increase app ratings.

With Swrve, Ryanair created geofence-triggered customer satisfaction campaigns that delivered a simple star-based survey at all destination airports. Doing this enabled them to track customer satisfaction and increase app ratings and reviews.

Ryanair set Swrve up to take information direct from customers’ boarding passes, enabling Swrve to create a geofence around their destination airports. Once this geofence is left, a personalised survey notification is triggered. This notification still pops up even without cellular or roaming access because Swrve caches the entire interaction on the user’s device before departure.

Within three months of deploying the customer satisfaction campaign, over 300,000 passengers took part in the in-app survey. There was a 42 per cent engagement rate with the personalised push notification, with 71 per cent of those users going on to complete the in-app survey, compared to less than one per cent engagement rates when sent via email.

Judges’ View: “These awards are judged on Strategy, Innovation, Execution and Effectiveness. This campaign hit all of these touchpoints, delivering the right message at the right time with the right execution, and hitting all the campaign objectives.”