2019 Awards Preview: Most Effective App Install Campaign

Ahead of our 2019 Effective Mobile Marketing Awards, staged in partnership with our headline partner Dynata, and our partners DAX and TabMo, well be previewing the nominees in each category,giving you a glimpse at the high quality of entries weve seen this year. In today’s preview, we look at the top app install campaigns.

Fusebox Games & Bidalgo: Love Island The Game
Fusebox Games is the London-based developer behind Love Island The Game. Their mobile marketing partner, Bidalgo, is a provider of ad automation solutions. To align with the UK and US television debut of the latest season of Love Island, Fusebox teamed up with Bidalgo to raise awareness around the new season and drive downloads of the game. The campaigns were launched at the same time as the Fusebox TV and digital ads across inventory for ITV.

The underlying goal for Fusebox was to grow its mobile user base. However, it was most focused on making sure that new installs would adhere to strict quality standards in order to secure long-term return on investment and maximise lifetime user value.

Bidalgo built an array of ad types, including video ads, poll ad, playable ads, and still image ads, and developed a multi-layered targeting strategy in order to reach the right users across digital channels.

The first layer was basic keyword targeting. Then Bidalgo added in an additional layer of bespoke lookalike audience targeting from Facebook Analytics, Fusebox’s internal CRM lists, and their own custom ad set based conversion (ABC) lookalikes.

The campaign saw daily revenue increase 20 times, while UK day three return on ad spend (ROAS) was two times above target and US day three ROAS was 1.4 times above target. The Bidalgo ABC lookalikes also drove a 36 per cent higher day seven ROAS than those converted from Facebook Analytics or CRM lists on their own.

MyTaxi & Yodel Mobile: App Growth Campaign
MyTaxi wished to focus on the user funnel from impression to rebooking as it continued to expand its reach across cities in the UK. Its objectives were to utilise effective channels for acquisition, populate the app with high-intent users, encourage first time user booking, and increase retention and average re-booking per user.

Yodel incorporated these objectives into three stages of its strategy, starting with increasing impression to install, then increasing install to first time user, and finally increasing first time user re-booking.

The app marketing consultancy used a combination of app store optimisation, push and in-app messaging, and highly targeted and retargeting campaigns.

Unfortunately, any further details are strictly confidential, but the campaign garnered highly positive results for MyTaxi.

Radiant & Moburst: The launch of the Say app
Radiant wanted to create a social app that opens the door to a secure, wholesome, private environment for family conversation, free from interruptions. However, it started out on its journey without knowing the best way to make inroads in the family structure.

Working with Moburst, it started testing two sets of creatives: one aimed at parents, the other aimed at teens. These tests made it clear that the app needed to target parents, so it launched another set of tests to see which messaging and visuals resonated the most with this group.

A combination of Apple Search Ads, Facebook, and targeted media buys were used to reach the target. During this process, media allocations were being continually optimised to reduce cost of the app install and deeper events within the conversion funnel.

Say launched in late April 2019 with the goal of achieving 30,000 installs from the campaign’s media budget. In three months, it reached 58,234 installs, exceeding its target by 98 per cent. Cost per install was lowered from $4.38 to $1.77 and cost per invite sent was way down from $37.01 to $8.89.

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