2019 Awards Preview: Most Effective Mobile Marketing Campaign of the Decade

Tyrone Stewart

Ahead of our 2019 Effective Mobile Marketing Awards, staged in partnership with our headline partner Dynata, and our partners DAX and TabMo, we'll be previewing the nominees in each category,giving you a glimpse at the high quality of entries we've seen this year. In today’s preview, we take a look at the campaigns up for our special ‘Campaign of the Decade’ Award.

Domino’s Pizza & Future Platforms: UK & ROI digital strategy
Future Platforms was named as the sole development partner for Domino’s apps for iOS and Android, assuming the ownership of all elements of both apps from numerous agencies. It set out on the goal of making Domino’s the digital leader in the quick-service delivery market.

The ongoing objective is to reach as many customers as possible by expanding the brand’s presence to as many digital platforms as possible. However, this meant only bringing innovation to the customer, so Domino’s and Future Platforms began applying the same thinking to internal operations.

Starting on the consumer side, the Domino’s apps were different to one another in terms of design, UX, and Functionality. At the same time, neither aligned with the desktop or mobile websites.

Future Platforms set out to align the Domino’s experience across all platforms. It begun by developing a base layer of code to be shared by the two apps. This code then paved the way for expansion to iPad, Windows, Xbox One, and Apple Watch.

On the internal side, Future Platforms established personas to represent different stakeholders in Domino’s including drivers, store managers, area managers, head office/operations, customers, and franchisees. It then created a series of wire flows and user journeys before devising a prototype for a driver’s app and an in-store dashboard. These solutions have since been observed and tested, and rolled out to stores in places like Southampton and Wimbledon.

Since Domino’s started working with Future Platforms in 2012, it has seen its UK & ROI revenue more than double and its digital sales grow to representing 79 per cent of its total sales, jumping massively from the 34.5 per cent in 2011.

More than 16.5m people have downloaded at least one of Domino’s apps in the UK, with mobile orders alone generating over £8.5m a week in sales. The driver’s app and dashboard has rolled out to 700 of Domino’s over 1,100 stores and their more 27,000 drivers. The internal solutions are expected to save Domino’s 6.5m in financial outlay.

Kwiff & Total Media: How Total Media went against the grain to help minnow Kwiff take on the giants
Having immersed themselves in sports and betting culture, as well as analysed conversations on social media and other data, the team at Kwiff and Total Media realised that, alongside the television, mobile was the dominant sports and entertainment device for its core audience of 18 to 34-year-old men. Mobile was at the heart of their social interactions, especially during the lead into games, when bets were discussed.

As a result of their research, the team decided to focus all of its non-TV ad activity exclusively on mobile, and focus on the lead into the game, rather than the game itself. In the hours before matches kicked off, the team dramatically stepped up the brand’s social activity, running dynamic display creative and working with influencers to promote its betting offers.

The campaign saw cost per acquisition fall by over 70 per cent between July 2017 and November 2017. Kwiff over tripled the number of new customers joining per month from under 2,000 a month in April to July 2017 to over 9,000 a month from August 2017 to July 2018. Promoted awareness also grew from 32 per cent to 61 per cent, while value for money grew by 38 per cent.

MyTaxi & Yodel Mobile: App Growth Campaign
MyTaxi wished to focus on the user funnel from impression to rebooking as it continued to expand its reach across cities in the UK. Its objectives were to utilise effective channels for acquisition, populate the app with high-intent users, encourage first time user booking, and increase retention and average re-booking per user.

Yodel incorporated these objectives into three stages of its strategy, starting with increasing impression to install, then increasing install to first time user, and finally increasing first time user re-booking.

The app marketing consultancy used a combination of app store optimisation, push and in-app messaging, and highly targeted and retargeting campaigns.

Unfortunately, any further details are strictly confidential, but the campaign garnered highly positive results for MyTaxi.

The Effective Mobile Marketing Awards Ceremony takes place in London on 14 November. To book your place at this celebration of the best in mobile marketing, click here.