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2019 EDMAs winners profile – AI Solution, AR/VR, and Automotive

Tyrone Stewart

With the winners of the 2019 Effective Digital Marketing Awards now revealed, over the next few days, we are profiling the winners in each category. Today we look at the winners of the Most Effective User-generated Content Campaign, Charity Campaign and Performance Marketing Campaign Awards.

Most Effective AI Solution
GumGum – AI-powered Context Detection Technology
GumGum’s AI-powered content analysis technology combines computer vision and natural language processing to locate target audiences without employing user data, while delivering a promise of brand safety, within the firm’s premium programmatic offerings.

It analyses the sentiment of the content on a page by looking at both text and visuals to help marketers be more precise in their choice of context for their advertising. Contextual data can be overlaid in a bid environment to buy media programmatically.

Beyond contextual audience targeting, the technology use image recognition to programmatically identify and block objects without images or videos such as guns, swastikas, and nudity. As a result, GumGum says it will block anywhere from 24 per cent to 238 per cent more pages that third-party vendors would deem safe.

GumGum points to its content analysis AI as defining its brand, attributing much of its success to the technology. And the judges appreciated the technology’s impressive evaluation of sentiment by looking at copy and image.

Most Effective AR/VR Campaign
Virgin Holidays and Movable Ink – Wish You Were Here AR Experience
Virgin Holidays was looking for a fun and compelling way to stay top of mind in the months between a customer’s planned travel, so it worked with Movable Ink to enable customers to launch an AR experience directly from their email without having to download an app.

The ‘Wish You Were Here’ AR email campaign enabled customers who had not yet booked a future holiday to take caricature-like photos, switching between five different destinations in the US: New York City’s Statue of Liberty, Hollywood, Las Vegas, a Florida beach destination. Images from the email were available to share and served as entertainment and brand exposure for customers who were between holidays.

The campaign, which was part of Virgin’s business-as-usual emails, brought about a 40 per cent increase in unique open rates and a 75 per cent increase in click through rates. 50 per cent of participants spent 60-plus seconds engaging with the experience, 50 per cent of those that engaged with the experience took a selfie, and 45 per cent of those who took a selfie shared it on social media.

Judges liked the ability to access the AR experience without having to download an app, noting how important this is.

Most Effective Automotive Campaign
Suzuki, Spitfire Inbound and Penquin – #AllTheRightFeels
Suzuki was looking to increase the sales of its Swift car model by at least 15 per cent in South Africa. It worked with Spitfire Inbound and Penquin to build the messaging and creative concept around the key drivers or motivations as well as the behaviour patterns of the ideal Swift customer. This buyer persona which was created drove the strategic considerations for every decision in the campaign.

The campaign was executed through a radio competition, billboards, print ads, dealer events, media events, national shopping mall roadshow activations, point of sale and digital content, inbound marketing, social media, email marketing, influencers, content marketing, PPC, website, and PR.

Using the above channels, the aim was to amplify word of mouth marketing with curated influencers, use ‘Millennial speak’ to target young, black millennials, and collect details of interested buyers through ‘leaking’ information socially and giving people a sense of feeling in the know.

As a result of the campaign, sales increased by 43.4 per cent compared to a two per cent decline in the overall market. There was also a 52 per cent increase in website visits, a 52 per cent increase in conversions from website visits to leads, a 112 per cent increase in leads, and a 94 per cent increase in conversions from lead to customer.

The campaign left no stone unturned, and delivered great results.