2019 EDMAs winners profile – Influencer and Video

Tyrone Stewart

With the winners of the 2019 Effective Digital Marketing Awards now revealed, over the last few days, we have been profiling the winners in each category. Today, in our final profile, we look at the winners of the Most Effective Influencer Campaign and Video Campaign Awards.

Most Effective Influencer Campaign
VOXI, Awin and The Hook – Influencing Endless Possibilities
VOXI, Vodafone’s dedicated youth mobile offering, wanted to find an affiliate opportunity that would complement its youthful offering. It focused on finding a community of influencers and brand advocates to reach the previously untapped young audience.

Awin and VOXI set out to target over 50 influencers, which proved to be a challenge as there was a limited number of influencer partners operating within the Telco sector. The Hook, a rapidly growing youth, social influencer network was therefore recruited to the network and the VOXI programme to support this ambitious target.

VOXI aimed for a combined reach of 5m impressions, an overall conversion target of 1,000, and total engagement of 8,000 across all social media channels. There was also a CPA target of £55, as well as a target set for The Hook at 150,00 CTR from Facebook.

Phase one of the campaign involved The Hook producing two stand-out newsreel style videos, promoted via their Facebook page to highlight VOXI’s ‘Endless Possibilities’ messaging. These were served directly to the 18- 25 target market using Facebook’s age-gating functionality. Additional links and a call-to-action to sign up for a free sim-card was included. When the upper age limit increased to 30, The Hook generated a third newsreel video to capture the remaining audience segment. They were then able to create custom audiences to re-target from a pool of people who had actively engaged and interacted with The Hook on Facebook.

The second part of the campaign was the recruitment of influencers. The Hook recruited influencers to film a 'selfie' style advert to drive VOXI sign-ups, targeting from both The Hook's Facebook page and the influencers' individual social media accounts. The influencers recruited included the likes of Gaz Beadle, Aaron Chalmers, and Stuggy.

The campaign achieved 8.35m impressions (50.1 per cent up on target), while converting 1270 sales (27 per cent above target). Total engagement was 9,200, CTRs were 191,000, and CPA was £46. In the end, 67 influencers took part in the campaign.

A solid and innovative campaign that achieved results well above target.

Most Effective Video Campaign
T-Mobile and Mirriad – Using In-video Ads to Amplify TV Spot Campaigns
T-Mobile wanted to further enhance the power of its advertising to capture its target audience, and specifically engage Hispanic adults ad 18 to 49 while driving brand consideration, improving ad awareness, and brand favourability – all while amplifying its existing TV spot campaign.

Mirriad worked with T-Mobile to complement its spot campaign in Univision’s popular primetime Spanish crime drama, La Piloto II. Mirriad’s technology delivered T-Mobile’s brand message at scale across 10 episodes with 21 embedded ad units, reinforcing the T-Mobile spot that ran before each episode. The assets were inserted into the most contextually relevant scenes to capture viewer attention. Ad units were inserted naturally, such as on building facades and on parking lot signs to draw attention without detracting from the programming.

The aim was to measure the performance of Mirriad ad units compared to the results of the TV spot campaign.

Overall, the campaign achieved double-digit increase in awareness, brand favourability, and consideration. T-Mobile T-Mobile saw significant lift when Mirriad ad units ran in episodes with the TV spot campaign, and Mirriad drove substantial increases over the TV spot activity.

Research conducted alongside Kantar also found that 88 per cent of viewers liked the ad format, 92 per cent saw it as a natural fit with the content, 80 per cent agreed it was innovative, and 85 per cent said the campaign made the brand more appealing. Judges agree thinking it was an “effective use of brand placement, with good targeting and great results”.