2022 Award Winners: App Engagement Platform, App Install Campaign, App Marketing Agency and AR/VR Campaign

The winners of the 2022 Effective Mobile Marketing Awards were announced at an online Awards Ceremony last Friday. All this week, we’re taking a closer look at the winner in each category, continuing today with the winners of the App Engagement Platform, App Install Campaign, App Marketing Agency and AR/VR Campaign categories. 

Most Effective App Engagement Platform
Storyly – The Missing Piece of Mobile Engagement
Storyly is a business-to-business SaaS tool focusing on in-app engagement. It brings the familiar, immersive, and mobile-native story format to apps via a lightweight SDK that can be integrated with almost no coding, an intuitive creator studio, and an analytics dashboard. In-app and web stories open the doors to an interactive, personalized, customized mobile experience in only 15 minutes.

Using Storyly’s app or web stories, brands can deploy interactive stickers, such as polls, quizzes, emoji bars, emoji sliders, open-ended questions, and countdowns, to build a strong relationship and two-way communication with users. They can also use CTA buttons, swipe-ups, and product tags to encourage app users to take specific actions, and  import their own content to their apps or use their RSS feed, as well as their own Facebook product catalogue or Google Merchant feeds for automated content creation.

Content can be easily personalised by targeting the specific user segments and showing relevant story groups to them to deliver a genuinely individualized experience to each user. Brands can also publish interactive videos that can be used for in-app video shopping. In-app stories can also be monetised via Google AdMob and premium deals via Google Ad Manager. Overall, the engagement strategy enabled by Storyly convinces users to keep coming back for rewarding, entertaining, interactive, or information-wise rich content

Following the rise of food delivery and subsequent the emergence of fiercer competition during the pandemic, Domino’s Turkey wanted to increase the adoption of its mobile app. With the goal of retaining the users acquired through heavy investments and turning them into loyal users, Domino’s collaborated with Storyly to give its app the ability to seamlessly and interactively communicate promotions and campaigns to users and increase conversions, without interrupting the user journey. It launched an ‘App-only Campaign with Storyly and asked for user preferences with an interactive poll, and then streamlined the purchase funnel by directing users to place an order with a CTA in a video story. Additionally, it showcased its new wallet feature with ‘how-to’ Stories, which were designed as full-screen content rather than simple pop-ups.

Following the implementation of Storyly and the launch of the ‘App-Only Campaign’, Domino’s saw a 64 per cent higher conversion rate through in-app Stories powered by Storyly compared to banners. Amplifying the feature and driving adoption with in-app stories, the use of the wallet feature (which is a digital wallet inside the app that eliminates the need for entering a credit card number and enables users to add money and make their payments directly from the app) increased by 20 per cent.

Another customer, Kapital Bank in Azerbaijan, needed to spread the word about its limited-time campaigns, benefits, and new feature adoptions. Kapital Bank integrated Storyly Stories into its mobile app, Birbank, and launched campaigns with in-app stories, importing content from its social media channels, which enabled the bank to publish full-screen, immersive stories complete with video and animation elements directly to millions of Birbank users. Besides ‘how-to’ Stories introducing benefits and use-case scenarios, Kapital Bank also used Storyly Stories to announce new features and to create mobile-native and rich onboarding content with the goal of improving the trial rate.

After deploying Storyly Stories, campaign participation rate increased by 64 per cent and Kapital Bank was able to reach 50 per cent of users with an approximately 40 per cent clickthrough rate in the first week of the campaign. 

Judges’ View:
“An excellent platform, offering immersive engagement through a variety of media, and consistently

Most Effective App Install Campaign 
Yodel Delivery Network and Yodel Mobile – Yodel Mobile Drive Big-impact Strategies for Yodel Delivery Network
All aspects of this entry were marked as confidential, for the judges’ eyes only, but the strategy, execution and results, which were shared with the judges, convinced them that this entry from Yodel Delivery Network and Yodel Mobile should take the award in this category.

Judges’ View:
“Laser focussed strategy and execution with plenty of elbow grease to deliver fantastic results. A lot was achieved for the budget, and the renovated app was more than matched by a renovated marketing strategy.”

Most Effective App Marketing Agency
Yodel Mobile – A Boutique Agency Leading the App Growth Revolution
Formed 14 years ago, Yodel was one of the first app marketing agencies in the market, and devoted its first five years to defining the rules and educating the sector on navigating through this complex ecosystem. With a thriving mobile advertising and acquisition team, the agency quickly became mobile install experts, driving millions of installs across the world for clients such as The Economist, Trivago and UKTV.

As it evolved, the agency recognised that long-term and sustained growth was contingent on seamless user experiences, organic discovery, and high in-app engagement. Despite being a small, independent agency coming up against big agency players, Yodel’s insight and diligence has helped it to position itself at the forefront of app marketing innovation. 

Fast forward to 2022 and Yodel is a leading global app growth consultancy. The company has focused on developing strategies across our its four service pillars: ASO, Paid UA, Mobile Creative and Growth Consultancy, underpinned by its sophisticated data insights.

It has launched and grown more than 1,000 apps, and won more than two dozen industry awards including our own Campaign of the Decade Award in the 10th Edition of the Effective Mobile Marketing Awards held in 2019.  

Yodel works on the premise that every aspect of the growth funnel is interconnected, and has developed an Infinite App Growth Loop to ensure that essential strategy learnings are transferred cross-departmentally. For example, app store experimentation results are incorporated into its UA creative, and copy from its highest performing ads is utilised in Yodel’s in-app messaging strategies.

Yodel’s entry went into great detail about how the agency services its clients, and also included numerous examples of its work for clients and the results this work had delivered. The results were supplied in confidence, but were sufficiently impressive to convince the judges that Yodel should take the award for App Marketing Agency of the Year.

Judges’ View:
“Very strong. Yodel continues to deliver top performance for significant clients. Brilliant work and a great submission.”

Most Effective Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality Campaign
Pepsi, Unbound and The Live Agency – Pepsi Max Summer AR
In 2022, Pepsi set out to own the summer with Pepsi Max. Working with Pepsi’s global design team, Unbound launched a scan-to-win promotion centred on three iconic Pepsi max pack designs featuring onomatopoeic sounds – POP, AAAAH & WHOOOOSH. These were rolled out across cans, bottles and cases, visually bringing the words to life. The brief and campaign objective was to launch the new pack designs and increase sales over the period by 5 per cent.

Consumers scanned the on-pack QR code and ‘placed’ a virtual can, bottle or case of Pepsi in front of them in augmented reality (AR). The product would open in AR with a POP, AAAAH & WHOOOOSH to reveal the prize. Each AR experience was tailored to the pack design in the consumer’s hand, with  a specifically tailored prize for winners. The experience was seeded across retail, social and digital, using dynamic animations from the AR experience, inviting consumers to purchase and scan, and scan they did.

In just 70 days the campaign delivered more than 1m QR code scans and data captures, boasting a 98 per cent scan-to-entry conversion rate and a repeat purchase rate of 3x. At 15 per cent, the sales uplift was three times what had been targeted.  The campaign also delivered significant brand exposure on social, with 500,000 completed video views on Instagram and Facebook; and 16m campaign views on YouTube. To cap a great campaign 10,000 winners shared over AUS$1m worth of prizes.

Judges’ View:
“A great entry, strong on innovation – QR driving AR to reveal the sound effect. Strong execution and excellent results including a 98 per cent scan to entry conversion rate. Impressive.

Well be back tomorrow with a summary of more winning campaigns and platforms. In the meantime, you can see all the winners here.

Congratulations to all our winners. If youd like to be informed when the 2023 edition of the Effective Mobile Marketing Awards opens for entries, email: awards@mobilemarketingmagazine.com