2022 Award Winners: Retention Campaign, Small Budget Campaign, Use of Data and User Acquisition Platform

David Murphy

The winners of the 2022 Effective Mobile Marketing Awards were announced at an online Awards Ceremony last Friday. All this week, we’re taking a closer look at the winner in each category, continuing today with the winners of the Retention Campaign, Small Budget Campaign, Use of Data and User Acquisition Platform categories.

Most Effective Retention Campaign
Vodafone Turkey and Carat – One QR to Rule Them All!
The aim of this campaign from Vodafone Turkey and Carat was to increase the already nearly-saturated Monthly Active User (MAU) count of its Vodafone Yan?mda (My Vodafone) app to hit its year-end target of 15m users within just four weeks. 

Vodafone identified four core target audiences to be activated and encourage them to enter My Vodafone: Non-Vodafone customers who has downloaded the app but not logged in. Smartphone users that had not logged into app for the last three months. Smartphone users that had logged into the app in the last three months, but not in the last month. And non-mobile (fixed internet) customers who are not active in the app

Vodafone and Carat designed a communication strategy based on triggering target groups’ preferences and intentions. They planned to motivate promo seekers and those who don’t like the feeling of missing out on opportunities, using disruptive, omnipresent media touchpoints.

The message was: “Whether you are a mobile or home internet customer, come to My Vodafone app in March and win many opportunities from 15GB internet to 100 TL marketplace gift check, from iPhone sweepstake to device discounts”

The big bet was leveraging QR codes as the hero element, triggering instant engagement with the app. Relevant target group offers matched with disruptive QR codes by analysing target groups’ needs and priorities. 14 different QR codes were used on TV, OOH and digital ad creatives. Differentiation of QR codes for each channel made it possible to track the performance of each in real time. Media channels included TV, OOH, plus big, bold digital executions on social platforms and popular local websites.

The campaign reached 33.7m people via TV and 10.6m via the OOH element. The digital element reached 10.6m people, with 6.2m completed video views and 2.5m app sessions generated directly by the activity. The QR codes were scanned 90,000 times, and the 15m MAU target was hit.

Judges’ View:
“A campaign with a single sense of purpose that delivered great results and reactivated lapsed app users in great numbers.”

Most Effective Small Budget Campaign
Benefit Cosmetics Australia and Unbound – Enter the Beneverse
The Small Budget Campaign category is for campaigns that cost less than £50,000 and this one for Benefit Cosmetics came in well under at just AUD$65,000/£36,500.’ Benefit Cosmetics is Australia’s leading mascara and eyeliner brand. Unbound was tasked with creating a campaign to help launch two new products within the mascara and eyeliner franchises and drive awareness of the category as a whole.

With the new launches Benefit would now have a mascara and liner for every franchise. Benefit wanted to capitalise on the insight that Mascara is her 'can't live without' cosmetic item and that 91 per cent of beauty consumers who wear eyeliner are purchasing their mascara and eyeliner from the same brand.

The strategic solution to the brief was to leverage the general public’s excitement, curiosity and conversation around the metaverse. Unbound created a disruptive immersive campaign that brought the product franchises to life by transporting potential customers into ‘The Beneverse’.

The strategic solution to the brief was to leverage the general public’s excitement, curiosity and conversation around ‘the metaverse’. Unbound created a disruptive immersive campaign that brought the product franchises to life by transporting potential customers into ‘The Beneverse’.

Unbound and Benefit engaged three very distinctive and unique TikTok influencers and ‘virtualised’ them to be the face of each of the product lines within the Beneverse. These were: @Peach PRC (1.9m TikTok followers) – Roller Lash product lines. @Avneesha (1.7m TikTok followers) – Bad Gal Bang product lines. @Georgia Productions (1.4m TikTok followers) – They’re Real product lines.

Consumers entered the virtual world and were led through the corridors of the Beneverse to answer four simple questions on their mascara and liner preferences. Screens in the corridors and product rooms displayed video of product imagery and payoff. After answering the questions, consumers were transported to the product room of their recommended mascara and liner featuring the relevant TikTok ambassador where they were greeted with the influencer calling out the key product features and benefits.

Users could then choose to find our more about the product, buy it via Sephora or use a filter to “transport” them into the body of the influencer via an Instagram AR filter. Other Product Rooms could be explored via doorways on sides of the rooms. Consumers were driven to the experience via a digital media campaign.
The campaign delivered over 50,000 visitors in the first two weeks, with over 13.3m impressions, a reach of over 35m people. total reach, and an earned media value of over AUD$1m as the campaign generated excitement in the fashion and lifestyle press. Benefit estimates that this is the most successful campaign it has run to date.

Judges’ View:
“Great campaign, tapping into the hype around the metaverse but also enabling those who engage with it to self-select for the product most relevant to them. Great results too.”

Most Effective Use of Data
WYNNBet and ConsultMyApp – Apple Search Ads Campaign
WynnBET is a US sport and casino app that runs in nine different US states, each of which has different rules for online gambling. Operating in a highly competitive market, WynnBET wanted to use Apple Search Ads (ASA) to reach a higher quality audience, with the aim of increasing deposits from its users.

This required extensive data analysis to find and push the most relevant and high-performing campaigns and keywords. Working with ConsultMyApp (CMA), WynnBET merged Apple Search Ads and Appsflyer data and implemented the data on Tableau interactive data visualization business intelligence software.

CMA created several different dashboards which allowed it to play around with WynnBET’s KPIs, including keywords, impressions, CPI and CPA, to give an instant view of what was working and what wasn’t, in order to optimise the ASA campaigns. 

CMA also created its own formula to understand what the amount was for the real deposit revenue, and then applied this formula at a campaign/ad group/keyword level, which gave it the insight it needed to optimize the account with accuracy and take the correct actions to maximize the impact on revenue. This insight led to significantly higher downloads.

By successfully analysing and updating the data on a monthly basis, we were able to scale the account from a spend of $2,785 in January 2022 to $91,074 in May 2022. With a bigger budget, WynnBET was able to increase its revenue further. And the campaign delivered on its aims. First Time Deposit value rose from $93,028 in February 2022 to $134,466, while the Real Time Deposit value rose from to $961,174 to $1,057,232.

The strategy employed here has had a significant positive impact on the way CMA manages campaigns and the way it looks at its ASA account globally. It has saved time by preventing counterproductive actions or micro-managing the account. Instead, it can use this time to focus on market and competitor analysis to constantly add new keywords and ideas to the account.

"ConsultMyApp's knowledge and expertise are a major driver in the success of WynnBET app downloads,” said WynnBET Director of Affiliates, Jamie Farrelly. Within only a 3-month period, ConsultMyApp helped to massively improve our organic and paid download metrics, reduce costs and in turn increase our revenue. We couldn't be happier!"

Judges’ View:
“Good data strategy with clear execution and strong results – impressive.”

Most Effective User Acquisition Platform
Bango – Bango Audiences: User Acquisition Through Purchase Behavior Targeting
Bango has been on the mobile scene since 1999 and after an early incarnation as a kind of mobile web domain registration platform, evolved into a mobile payments platform that is used by many mobile operators around the world.

It has now taken the consumer intelligence and behavioural and transactional data that comes from that platform to offer brands a way to target people likely to be interested in what they have to offer.

By analysing the purchase data processed through Bango’s global payments platform, which manages millions of mobile transactions each year, Bango Audiences targets those who are active, interested, and in the market to buy.

By looking at user spending across hundreds of sites, apps and app stores, Bango creates privacy-compliant custom audiences based on people’s previous mobile purchases. These audiences can then be applied directly to targeting campaigns on social media platforms.

So if a games publisher is looking to acquire users for their mobile puzzle game, rather than targeting ads at people who talk about such games on social media, or who “meet the profile” of a mobile gamer, Bango Audiences, enables the publisher to target ads directly at those who buy mobile puzzle games, or spend money inside those games. 

Through this form of targeting, Bango Audiences increases return on ad spend (ROAS) while decreasing cost per acquisition (CPA) and the average cost per unique purchaser.

As part of its entry, Bango referenced Upland, a mobile metaverse app that enables users to buy, sell and trade virtual properties that are mapped to actual addresses in the real world Upland uses blockchain technology to ensure true ownership of digital assets (NFTs).

In 2022, Upland was looking to increase the install-to-payer conversion of high life-time-value (LTV) users from its global UA campaigns. Using the Bango Audiences platform, it requested a target audience segment that perfectly reflected the app’s user base, and was targeted exclusively towards those who were likely to pay.

Using anonymous data from Bango’s global payments platform, Bango Audiences was able to provide an audience group that had made payments in similar mobile apps, including crypto and social trading investor apps. Upland implemented these Bango Audiences into its Facebook ads, using them as the basis of a targeted 90-day campaign.

By focusing its Facebook ads on these custom audiences of users that pay in similar apps to theirs, Upland saw a 95 per cent increase in ROAS, a 37 per cent decrease in CPA, and a 34 per cent decrease in average cost per unique purchaser. In short, using Bango Audiences allowed Upland to focus its campaigns on acquiring high value users that were significantly more likely to make in-app purchases.

“We increased ROAS and decreased CPA of high LTV users with Bango Audiences, a UA dream,” says Upland Co-founder, Dirk Lueth. “We continue to expand our use of Bango Audiences to grow our global paying user base. They really are an innovation in paying user acquisition!”

In addition to Upland, Bango also supplied several other convincing examples of companies seeing success with the Bango Audiences platform.

Judges’ View:
“Strong results from innovative use of compliant targeting techniques. A very strong proposition and product.”

That concludes our round-up of this year's winning campaigns and platforms. You can see all the winners here.

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