2022 Award winners spotlight: International, Content Marketing, Video and DTC eCommerce campaigns

We continue our round-up of the winning entries in the 2022 Effective Digital Marketing Awards with a look at the winners in the Most Effective International Campaign, Content Marketing Campaign, Video Campaign, and DTC eCommerce Campaign…

Most Effective International Campaign 
Loch Electronics and Nuuk – A Dishwasher from Scotland that Conquered the World in 30 days
For this campaign, Nuuk was tasked with launching a new, compact dishwasher to a global market, generating 5000 subscribers before launch, $20,000 within the first 48 hours, and $100,000 in pre-orders in 30 days to fund the first batch of products being made. The primary markets for the launch were the USA, England, Scotland, Europe, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea.

The campaign ran across Facebook, Instagram, email, Google Search, Google Display, Kickstarter, and employed text ads, image ads, video ads, story ads and emails. All content was in English so the markets to target were selected based on English language adoption and Kickstarter adoption rates.

The campaign was split into three stages – planning, research and setup; pre-launch testing and lead generation; and the live pre-order Kickstarter Campaign. This third stage was itself split into three stages – speed testing and the launch of the email marketing push (seven days); education about the main USPs and campaign milestones through retargeting cross-channels while still building the top funnel, while also terminating new acquisition channels that were not performing well and scaling those channels that were (17 days); and for the last six days, a last push to create a sense of urgency and convert a big percentage of the generated user funnel while pushing last-chance messaging. The main channels for this stage were Google and Facebook retargeting as well as a big email push.

The target of generating $100,000 in 30 days was smashed out of the ground, with the campaign delivering £737,604 and orders originating from a total of 64 countries. Nuuk generated 6,739 pre-launch subscribers, who converted into 369 reservation deposits. The pre-launch efforts led to returns of $117,000 within the first 24 hours of launch, which enabled Nuuk to convince the client to scale more and add additional budgets to the overall project to achieve more. In total the overall ROI for the campaign was a hugely impressive 1000 per cent.

A quite brilliant campaign, which also took the award for the Most Effective Launch Campaign.

Most Effective Video Campaign 
Redefine Meat and Moburst – Redefine Meat International Launch
Moburst’s brief here was to promote Redefine Meat’s Europe Launch Event in November 2021 in four countries – the UK, Germany, the Netherlands and Israel – to promote the company’s range of 3D-printed meat substitute products.

The agency created a marketing funnel for each country, promoted the creative assets that were created for the event to increase brand awareness, then targeted users that watched the videos or engaged with the paid and organic content, offering them the chance to sign up to Redefine Meat’s waiting list. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube were the main media channels used and the  video, organic posts, and ads all emphasized the local characteristics and cuisine in each country. 

The content included beautifully-produced teaser videos showing the products at their best; teaser posts updates and Stories on social and real-time guest reviews and feedback about the brand to promote social proof. A long, 50-second version of the video ran in the first week of the campaign, subsequently followed by a bumper video ad to get wider reach at a lower cost, all while posting and boosting organic content to promote the event.

The results beat all expectations. The TikTok channel created for the launch event garnered 38,000 followers and 16m video views in just 60 days. On Facebook, the campaign generated 82.5m impressions and 1.5m engagements, plus 8.6m video views. Other channels delivered similarly great numbers, and the campaign succeeded in building a waiting list of 34,000 customers who want to taste the product. Soon after the campaign ended, Redefine Meat secured a $135m Series A funding round.

Most Effective Content Marketing Campaign
Diageo Bar Academy and Smarts – Virtual Success: Revitalising the Global Bar Industry
Diageo Bar Academy is the drinks company’s training and education platform for bartenders, waiters and mixologists. For this campaign, Smarts was targeted with increasing Diageo Bar Academy’s (DBA) global website sessions by 50 per cent; increase the total number of users globally by 25 per cent, and double DBA’s global membership

Its strategy was to leverage and pivot DBA’s online channels – website, Facebook and Instagram to provide educational and inspirational-led activities that would get the bar business back on its feet after lockdown and build a stronger community.

Activities included a social media campaign to mark World Bartender Day; a disruptive and reputable virtual Masterclass Series; and a practical and accessible downloadable tool, the Little Book of Highballs, filled with unique recipes to equip bar professionals as they sought greater inspiration and responded to ever-changing customer behaviours.

Once again, the campaign over-delivered on its targets. Reach and engagement both doubled on both Facebook and Instagram, and more than 10,000 bar staff signed up for the online Masterclasses. Global website sessions increased by 68.5 per cent; total global users by 50.3 per cent and global membership by 82 per cent. As one of the judges described this excellent campaign: “This was a highly effective pivot to leverage digital channels on a relatively limited budget – and with great results.”

Most Effective DTC eCommerce Campaign 
B&Q and Yodel Mobile – B&Q Unlocks The Power of Mobile App Success
The lockdown measures introduced in the UK in 2020 posed serious challenges for brick-and-mortar businesses with limited social contact and, consequently, store closures on the rise. However, consumers adapted swiftly with 66.7 per cent of UK shoppers switching to mCommerce platforms, according to Statista, 2021. B&Q, the most recognised DIY and home improvement retailer in the UK, identified this trend and realised that its mobile channel offered an untapped opportunity for business growth.

B&Q app data revealed that the estimated lifetime value of a B&Q app user would become 3x that of a desktop/mobile customer, that the B&Q App could have an 8 per cent higher Average Order Value, a higher frequency of purchase (1.6 vs. 1.2), and a higher revenue per user than the web. Based on this data, investing in mobile was a clear priority, but with the limited marketing budget, allocating resources for paid user acquisition campaigns wasn’t an option. The focus instead was on leveraging their organic discoverability and Yodel Mobile was tasked with increasing organic visibility on the app stores; increasing new customer acquisition through the app; and breaking into the top 10 ranking on the app stores in the Lifestyle category. Yodel firstly conducted a comprehensive app audit in order to benchmark against the competition. This revealed that 80 per cent of the app’s total traffic was branded traffic and that the majority of the B&Q app users were linear users, usually in-store customers, who were looking to complete their purchase journey through the app. This nugget gave the team the clarity that despite strong brand awareness, the real opportunity was with new customer acquisition via mobile search. Yodel realised that it needed to completely flip the strategy and focus on increasing the app’s discoverability for generic keyword terms to further leverage high-intent traffic to increase installs and boost long-term revenue for the brand.

The initial short-term strategy was keyword optimisation focused on relevant and high-intent keywords rather than the textbook strategy of high-volume or competitive keywords. This approach leverages a far greater influx of non-brand traffic whilst still maintaining a high conversion rate from the app store listing

The long-term strategy aimed to drive non-linear users to the app, to increase the volume of generic keywords with a focus on offers, supplies, and features that the app indexed for. Using its Keyword Optimisation Loop framework, the Yodel team focused on four areas: keyword research, using ASO tools, but also taking a holistic approach to analysing user behaviour across web, search & SEO, social media platforms and intelligence tools; regular optimisation, to increase the total number of indexed keywords; analysis to enable the team to react quickly to any fluctuations in keyword ranking; and mitigating the impact of the existing skew towards the branded traffic to the listing, which could negatively impact the conversion rate. Yodel worked with the B&Q team to recommend new screenshots which supported them in maintaining the high conversion rate of the listings even though non-brand traffic significantly increased.

The results of the campaign are confidential, but were shared with the judges, who concluded:
“The insights that led them to focus on the app were smart, and the results were very impressive, especially the search rank improvement in the app stores and revenue numbers.”

Stay tuned tomorrow when well round up the winners in the Most Effective B2B, FMCG and Influencer Campaigns, and the Most Effective Attribution Solution. In the meantime, you can see a recording of the Awards Ceremony here.