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21 Per Cent of eCommerce Traffic from Smartphones

Kirsty Styles

Branding Brand, a mobile commerce platform, has released its Mobile Commerce Index, which analyses the performance of the 84 transactional mobile sites it has developed for retail brands in the US. The analysis looks at the performance of the sites over the Holiday 2012 period. 

There were 137 page views per second and 12 orders every minute on average during the 35-day period from the day before Thanksgiving, seeing smartphones account for 21 per cent of all traffic on the Branding Brand platform.

In 2012, the 84 sites, which span apparel, beauty and home, had:
•  77m visitors
•  413m page views (63 per cent iOS; 33 per cent Android)
•  620,000 orders (69 per cent iOS; 28 per cent Android)
•  $84.66 average order value ($85.21 iOS; $81.54 Android)

Surprisingly, there was little difference in average order between iOS and Android shoppers, less than $4, but iOS users accounted for 69 per cent of all orders.

Slightly confusingly, the index presents statistics for the holiday 2012 period looking at these 84 mobile sites and then compares these to 2011’s figures, based on the 21 that it had live at the time. But, if we assume none of these sites have been taken down during that time, they have at least had a busy year.

Taking those 21 sites, the figures reveal a 171 per cent increase in mobile sales between 2011 and 2012. Site visits were also up 109 per cent, page views increased 116 per cent and the conversion rate was up by 30 per cent. Average order value, however, decreased by five per cent.