22m Access Facebook Via Mobile Every Day in the UK

facebook3Facebook continues to see its mobile user base grow in the UK, with 22m people now accessing the social network via their mobile every day, a 10 per cent growth in mobile daily users in the last nine months alone.

This growth in daily users puts Facebook in an especially powerful position in the summer months, when consumption of traditional media consistently dips. Weekly average TV viewing drops by as much as 12 hours a week in the summer, and marketers have historically found it more difficult to reach consumers as the weather improves.

While people on holiday traditionally shy away from their usual media consumption, Facebooks research shows that 42 per cent of people will regularly share posts and content about travel, from booking and planning, to sharing their experiences while away. It is the most talked about category of conversation on Facebook by a considerable distance, with more than double the number of users talking about it compared to the next most popular category.

Facebook has shared some of its success stories when it comes to marketing and advertising during the summer months. A Lipton Ice Tea campaign that targeted 18 to 25 year olds reached 6.9m people, with a video view rate of 12.8 per cent and a cost of only £0.06.

“Facebook is a critical channel for us during the summer months when we might otherwise find it difficult to reach our customers at the scale were used to,” said Aman Matharu, digital marketing manager for PepsiCo. “The combination of strong mobile engagement and the ability to target the people that are most important to the brand puts Facebook head and shoulders above the competition during this season.”