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24/7 Media and Jumptap Partner for Cross-platform Mobile/Online Ad Offering

Alex Spencer

Digital media and tech firm 24/7 Media is partnering with mobile advertising company Jumptap to launch a solution that will enable advertisers to reach their desired audience across mobile and PC-based online display in a single buy. The solution is being tested by a select number of beta advertisers, with full roll-out due in Q1, 2013.

In launching the solution, the companies note that content consumption and task-related behaviours are fragmenting across screens at an unprecedented pace, and that consumers are increasingly indifferent to the screen from which they garner information. 

According to comScore figures, 24/7 Media has a reach of 86 per cent of internet users, while comScore figures and Jumptap network data suggest the mobile ad specialist has a reach of 85 per cent of smartphone users. The two companies are combining their offering to bridge what they describe as “the elusive gap between mobile and online media”.
They say the offering opens up new levels of scale and transparency in mobile advertising, by allowing advertisers to deliver their message to users across screens including tablets and smartphones, adding that the unified offering will help advertisers reduce the inefficiencies and waste associated with campaigns running across mobile and online display. As the product develops, cross-screen frequency capping and retargeting will be introduced to reduce the media tax placed on marketers and consumers alike when a campaign reaches the same user more times than desired on multiple devices. In addition, tracking across both devices is unified, allowing for seamless integration of campaign learning data.
“The transition from online to mobile is not simple,” said Jumptap chief product officer, Adam Soroca. “Our mobile and online integrations with 24/7 Media provide advertisers with a unique solution for the cross-screen world consumers live in.”