24/7 Updates Ad Management Platform

24/7 Real Media has released the latest version of its Open AdStream ad management technology platform for web publishers. The new version offers advanced mobile ad management, as well as enhanced rich media and video management. The company says these enhancements will enable publishers to further maximise revenue across all platforms and media, and demonstrate its continued commitment to add advanced functionality and quickly incorporate client feedback with each new release of Open AdStream.

Among the new features are new targeting criteria, reports and inventory, enabling the solution to deliver and report on the device type, manufacturer, device groups and OS, and more. Turn-key, rich media formats are supported and advertisers can also design and manage customized zip code zones for more refined geographic targeting.

“The mobile enhancements are derived from working closely with our clients and staying ahead of industry trends to bring additional functionality to Open AdStream in order to provide more seamless targeting, delivery and reporting capabilities for mobile advertising across multiple platforms,” says Nicolle Pangis, SVP product management, global media and technology at 24/7 Real Media. “With Open AdStream, clients are positioned to leverage the opportunities arising in mobile advertising and monetise their inventory, no matter what platform their audiences view content on.”