25,000 Downloads for Photoswipe

Photoswipe, a solution for swiping and displaying images on mobile and touch devices developed by Manchester digital agency Code Computerlove, has been downloaded by more than 25,000 users in just five months. The Javascript tool  was made available to fellow digital designers and developers for free in July and, with a quarter of those downloads coming in November alone, its popularity shows signs of accelerating. 

“I think the fact that Photoswipe is so easy to use is a big part of its attraction- you don’t need to know much about Javascript to be able to use it. But it’s also indicative of the number of mobile solutions now being developed,” says Code Computerloves Ste Brennan. “We created Photoswipe as part of our own mobile work for clients including Hillarys, McArthurGlen and First TransPennine Express and decided to make it free and open source. The response from digital community has been fantastic. It’s great when we’re contacted by people sharing with us how they’re using it to enhance their work.” 

Photoswipe enables users to add a gesture-based image gallery to a mobile website, as well as to incorporate device orientation changes, automatic resizing, and pinch gestures to zoom and rotate.

Photoswipe can be downloaded here.