2ergo Launches Targeted Campaign Tools

2ergo has launched a service that gives businesses access to a wealth of opt-in consumer information, with a view to enabling them to quickly launch a mobile presence. 

Called MobileDNA, the service is part of a package that aims to help marketers that do not yet have a mobile strategy to get campaigns up and running easily. 

The service is built around 2ergos proprietary database of 10m opt-in UK cross-network mobile phone users. It features information from users mobile behaviour and transactions over the last 12 months and profiling information such as age, interests, and location.

The package offers marketers the ability to build branded landing pages for offers and uses targeted mobile advertising strategies including banner ads to drive additional prospects to promotions. This removes the need for a brand to have its own mobile presence – meaning campaigns can be executed without major investment into mobile platform infrastructure, says 2ergo. 

John Stevens, group managing director of 2ergo, says: “Our mobile campaign package is a world first – marketers not only have access and insight into 10m mobile phone users, but also the ability to set up targeted, compelling mobile campaigns extremely quickly. Theres no requirement to invest in mobile infrastructure, meaning marketers feeling overwhelmed about getting their mobile strategy right now have an effective, expedient way of targeting prospective customers, and securing their long-term loyalty.”