2ergo Powers AT&T Campaign

Mobile marketing and technology firm 2ergo has announced a partnership with AT&Ts Youth Marketing Group in the US to promote teen music star Demi Lovato via the mobile web and text messaging campaigns. As a part of the agreement, 2ergo has created a mobile portal using its Mobile Site Builder and is providing text messaging capabilities for fans using Mobile Campaign Manager. Fans can log in to Demi Lovatos mobile site at http://demi.m2ergo.com to check tour dates, download songs and play games.
Powered by 2ergos mobile messaging platform, Multiserve, fans are encouraged to text the word DEMI to 8787 to receive more information about her, and to take part in promotions, such as the recent Demi Flyaway sweepstake, which offered a first prize of two tickets to see her perform live in Hershey, Pennsylvania, including travel.
The texts also contain information about AT&Ts new Quick Messaging Phones, which are geared toward the 8-to-16-year-old market and are designed to make messaging faster and cheaper.