3 Bundles MiFi with iPod touch

Mobile network 3 UK is bundling its MiFi solution with the iPod touch on a Pay Monthly tariff.
The MiFi/iPod touch bundle costs 23 a month for 24 months, and includes 5GB of Internet access per month. 3 says this equates to around 72 hours of browsing, 800 songs and 400 applications. The 8GB iPod touch can store 1,750 songs, 10,000 photos or 10 hours of video.
The iPod touch offers a really great browsing experience, but as with so many devices with wi-fi capabilities, the Internet function rarely gets used because hotspots are so hard to come by, says Charlotte Blanchard, Director of Products and Services at 3. Now with MiFi on 3, iPod touch users can get wireless Internet whenever they want on the network that's designed and built for the mobile Internet. We've responded to feedback from our customers to bring this bundle into our range, and at 23 a month it's the perfect treat for Christmas.”
MiFi on 3, was launched in September this year. It connects to 3s network to enable a user to create their own mobile wi-fi connection. The solution consists of a wireless modem with a 3UK SIM that sends out a wi-fi signal so that the user can connect a range of wi-fi-enabled devices to the Internet without the need for wires or a USB connection. Multiple devices can be connected to the Internet at the same time. All thats needed is 3 coverage. A wi-fi-enabled device will automatically pick up the signal and ask for an eight-digit network key which the user has to enter once for every new device they wish to connect.