3 Cuts Roaming Costs

3 Group has introduced 3 Like Home, a pricing policy that allows 3 customers to travel abroad and use other 3 Group networks for a price similar to that on their home 3 network.
When 3 customers travel to another country in which 3 also operates, customers will be able to make and receive calls using the visited 3 network and be charged as if they were still using their home network. The same principle will apply to SMS, MMS, video calling and data services. The visited 3 network can be considered a virtual extension of their home network and can therefore be used as if the customer were not roaming at all. 
3 Group says the move reflects its strategy of giving customers fair and transparent treatment and attractive pricing, and will help to increase its base of customers that travel abroad. It will also allow many customers to make wider use of the recently launched X-Series product suite, which offers mobile broadband for a flat rate fee. It points out too that 3 Like Home is consistent with the European Commissions campaign to reduce the cost of mobile calls when roaming in Europe.
The launch of the 3 Like Homescheme will significantly benefit our customers as they travel between the 3 Groups  networks says 3 Group Managing Director of European Telecommunications, Christian Salbaing. It underlines our commitment to fair treatment and reasonable pricing for all our customers.
3 Like Home is being introduced progressively for customers of 3 in Australia, Austria, Denmark, Hong Kong, Italy, the Republic of Ireland, Sweden and the UK. The rollout will be tailored to specific market conditions in each 3 country. 3 says that exact pricing details will become available as the service is implemented.