3 Italia Selects Rhozet Carbon Coder

Video encoding and distribution company Harmonic has revealed that its Rhozet Carbon Coder video transcoding solution has been selected by 3 Italia as part of its cross-media strategy, designed to deliver Mobile TV over its DVB-H network. Harmoni says the solution was chosen for media transcoding due to its extensive format support, the high quality of its format output, its transcoding speed, and its automated features.
In 2006, 3 Italia became the worlds first mobile operator to offer a DVB-H Mobile TV service. Since the service launch, 3 Italias DVB-H Mobile TV subscriber count has grown to over 850,000. 3 Italia is currently implementing its Mobile TV and Internet cross-media strategy, which brings broadcast TV, thematic channels, TV 2.0 and social networking to the mobile handset. Rhozet Carbon Coder will be used to quickly and automatically transcode this content and make it available to 3 Italias DVB-H network.
Harmonics Rhozet Carbon Coder is a universal transcoding application that facilitates the transfer of media between a variety of platforms, including acquisition, editing, playout, archive, the Internet and mobile devices. Carbon Coder can run as a standalone application, or as part of a multi-node, fully-automated rendering farm. Carbon Coder provides high-performance, scalable and cost-effective transcoding for a broad range of business environments, from specialized studios to enterprise-scale installations.
Carbon Coders automation, performance and scalability make it possible for 3 Italia to rapidly integrate a wide array of broadcast and Internet content into DVB-H format, while delivering the quality their subscribers desire, says David Trescot, Vice President of the Rhozet Business Unit at Harmonic Inc. To be chosen as an essential technology component of 3 Italias Mobile TV service points to just how effective the system is for delivering the high volume of content for this new generation of mobile services.