3 Launches MiFi Wi-fi Solution

3 UK has revealed that its Mobile Wi-Fi solution, which enables 3 customers to create their own mobile wi-fi connection, will be available via telesales and the 3 website from Thursday 17 September, and in 3 Stores across the country from Friday 18 September.
Mobile Wi-Fi, also known as MiFi, is a new service from 3 which connects to 3s network to enable a user to create their own mobile wi-fi connection. It consists of a wireless modem with a 3UK SIM that sends out a wi-fi signal so that the user can connect a range of wi-fi-enabled devices to the Internet without the need for wires or a USB connection. Multiple devices can be connected to the Internet at the same time. All thats needed is 3 coverage. A wi-fi-enabled device will automatically pick up the signal and ask for an eight-digit network key which the user will have to enter once for every new device they wish to connect.
At launch Mobile Wi-Fi will be available on two plans. Broadband 5GB 1 month is a one-month contract that includes 5GB of data for 15 a month on a rolling one-month contract. On this plan, the wireless modem costs 69.99.
For an upfront charge of 99.99, Mobile Wi-Fi will also be available as a Ready to Go kit. The deal includes a wireless modem and 3GB worth of data, which can be used over a 3-month period. After the data has been used up, the modem can be used on a Pay As You Go basis at the usual 3 rates: 10 for 1GB; 15 for 3GB; or 25 for 7GB.