30 per cent of Under 45s will Watch the Superbowl with Mobile in Hand

Nearly 60 per cent of mobile phone users plan to use their phones during this year’s Super Bowl in the US, according to a study commissioned by Velti. 30 per cent of viewers under the age of 45, the study says, will be watching the game with their mobile in hand.
The survey, conducted online by Harris Interactive, took in 1,428 US adults who have mobile phones and plan to watch this year’s Super Bowl. It found that 47 per cent of all viewers aged 18 or older expect to check or use their mobile phone up to 10 times during the game, while the average mobile user aged 18-34 who plans to use their phone during the game will use it 19 times.
“I think this survey is indicative of how integrated the mobile device has become,” says Krishna Subramanian, CMO of Velti. “Younger viewers say they are sitting in front of the television with a phone in their hand and they’ll likely check that screen often. There’s no going back now from the fact that the Super Bowl is truly a two screen experience.”
Second screen viewers might threaten the effectiveness of TV commercials during the game, which traditionally offer the largest captive audience, of around 11m, in the US – and the biggest prices, with a 30-second ad costing an estimated $3.5m. 26 per cent will use their devices during the breaks – twice as likely as during the game.