3,000 Signups for PRS Scheme

More than 3,000 premium rate telephone services (PRS) providers have signed up to PhonepayPlus’ new industry-wide Registration Scheme. The scheme launched in April, and registration became mandatory on 1 September 2011, when PhonepayPlus’ new Code of Practice came into force.

The Registration Scheme provides details of all PRS providers in the UK, helping PRS companies with their due diligence, while giving consumers better information about premium rate numbers and customer care lines. PhonepayPlus says the Registration Scheme will help the regulator to better target enforcement at the providers causing consumer harm.

“We are delighted to have over 3,000 providers registered with us,” says PhonepayPlus’ chief executive, Paul Whiteing. “This is good news for the PRS industry, good news for consumers and good news for PhonepayPlus. As we look forward to working with industry to embed and enforce the new Code of Practice, it is reassuring to know that thousands of PRS providers are registered with us. This helps us to target enforcement which, in turn, helps build consumer confidence in PRS and prevent damage to the PRS market.

Whiteing adds that the regulator will pursue non-registered PRS providers, who will be in breach of the new Code. “Any providers contracted with non-registered providers will also be in breach of the new Code, even if they are registered themselves. So we urge any stragglers – who are now very much in the minority – to register as soon as possible,” he says. “All providers should check that their clients are registered.”