31 per cent Dont Trust Contactless Technology

visa-contactless.png31 per cent of UK consumers have never used contactless payment technology because they dont trust it, a new survey by business intelligence consultants Future Thinking has revealed, despite the fact that over 1bn transactions were completed in 2015.

A survey of over 2,300 UK consumers that looked at attitudes towards contactless technology found that 27 per cent felt that the new £30 limit on contactless transactions should be the maximum, while 14 per cent of respondents didnt know whether or not their cards were contactless. Only nine per cent used contactless and hoped the limit continued to rise.

Age played a key role in acceptance of the technology; 22 per cent of under 35s didnt feel they could trust contactless payments, compared to 43 per cent of over 55s. There was also a split by gender, with men less likely to trust contactless than women (at 35 per cent and 29 per cent respectively).

“It is clear from recent figures that there has been a huge increase in the number of purchases using contactless technology,” said Noreen Kinsey, senior research director at Future Thinking. “This reflects consumer desires for quicker payment methods and increased convenience.

“As with all new technologies, there is still some reluctance towards this technology, particularly amongst older age groups, who may be further isolated as we move towards mobile pay and other tech-enables purchase solutions.”