35 per cent of Millennials Want to Spend More via Mobile

KidsOver a third of millennials would like to buy more via their smartphones, but find it hard to do so, revealing the scope of revenues brands are losing out on through poor mobile optimisation.

According to the study by Social Len Research, 60 per cent of millennials feel of the mobile ads they see are relevant or useful, while only nine per cent feel that companies offer a great experience once they click through.

The survey suggested that young consumers are seeking simpler, easier-to-navigate sites and apps, with customised experiences and better deals. 39 per cent said companies dont do enough to personalise shopping experiences on mobile.

Games and deals were popular among the young people too, with 40 per cent interested in winning prizes through competitions or contests, and 44 per cent interested in finding coupons or savings on products they were looking for.

While only 35 per cent of millennials bought products via their phone, those that did were regular purchasers, with 91 per cent making at least one purchase a month, and 30 per cent making purchases over $50 (£32) via their phone.

“A huge opportunity exists to create more customised, localised, interactive and rewarding mobile ad experiences that take advantage of the features of a smartphone,” said Julie Diaz-Asper, founding partner at Social Lens Research. “If you back that up with an easy to use mobile commerce experience, you could capture significant mobile commerce spend.”