37 per cent of Online Sessions on Mobile Are Under A Minute Long

Mobile consumers may be going online up to 150 times a day, according to Google research, but new figures from ContentSquare also show they are often gone in 60 seconds, with 37 per cent of online sessions lasting under a minute on mobile.

The figure comes from a groundbreaking mobile report by the leading UX analytics solution which analysed six months of data from 80 leading mCommerce sites across seven countries, from brands including Unilever, Lacoste and Decathlon.

The report breaks down how the shift to mCommerce has impacted browsing behaviour, and how conversion rates are struggling because many firms fail to pay attention to core elements of UX design when it comes to the mobile experience. Elements as granular as scrolling rates and wishlists are dissected for tips on how to get the most out of mobile customers.

The report also includes valuable insights and experience from marketers at a number of core brands, on how they have adapted their practices to get the most out of mobile.

You can download your free copy of Mobile User Experience: The Road to Maturity here.