38 Per Cent of Chinese Mobile Web Users are Mobile-only

38 per cent of Chinese mobile web users only access the internet through their mobile, according to mobile survey company On Device Research.

“The mobile revolution is bringing with it a new generation of mobile only internet users,” says Alistair Hill, CEO of On Device Research. “The motivations for this vary – in developed markets it’s more for convenience; in developing economies, it’s more likely they don’t have access to a computer.”

In China, 45 per cent accessed the internet exclusively via mobile because for this reason. Along with the higher proportion of mobile-only internet users in rural area – 45 per cent, compared to 29 per cent in cities – this shows how mobiles are bringing the internet to previously unconnected populations.

And what are Chinas mobile web users up to on their phones? 90 per cent use their handset to play games – 40 per cent playing every day, and 89 per cent – 53 per cent every day –  access social networking sites via their mobile.

The  Mobile-Only Internet Generation and China report is part of the Post-PC Era series, covering  five developing economies – China, Nigeria, Kenya, Indonesia and Brazil – compared against the UK. The full results of the research can be viewed here.