39 per cent of Brits Demand Faster Digital Progress in UK

UK & Ireland Great Britain Map Phones39 per cent of Brits want the UK to progress faster when it comes to digital issues, with 54 per cent saying they would like the government to do more, and one in five claiming they would vote for a party that had a strong focus on digital policies.

The figures come from a survey by Fujitsu, that showed that email has become the preferred method of communicating with companies in Britain, with 36 per cent of consumers using it as a first choice, and 24 per cent saying that the ability to use digital services when contacting organisations made them more loyal.

The desire to speed up and simplify everyday processes was commonly cited as the driving force behind Brits embracing digital services, with 63 per cent comfortable with the digital offerings presented by organisations.

Banks and other financial services lead the way, with 64 per cent of consumers satisfied with their digital services, and 62 per cent ranking them as important. Online shopping, click and collect ordering, renewing tax discs, mobile banking and downloading media was also rated as valued digital services.

“We are speeding towards a digital-first Britain,” said Michael Keehan, CEO of Fujitsu UK and Ireland. “From click and collect through to renewing our road tax online, the wealth of digital services available has driven great behavioural change in the UK. We are now more confident in our ability to use the services offered, we understand the benefits and as such, it is consumers themselves pushing organisations to create a digital future.”