3Bill Promises Easy Mobile Marketing

Symbios Group, a developer of enabling software for content to mobile phones, has launched its 3Bill service, that it claims that will enable companies to deliver passive and interactive marketing campaigns to mobile phones for a fraction of the costs they are likely to be currently paying.
3Bill, says Symbios, is a simple-to-use platform that anyone can learn to use in under 30 minutes. It allows any business to set up a marketing campaign to mobile phones in a matter of minutes through the use of plug-and-play software that 3Bill will install. In its simplest format it will, through a series of guided instructions, enable the user to enter in the text of the message to be sent to the mobile in a passive or interactive campaign. It is ideally designed to link in with other above- and below-the-line marketing campaigns, such as press and poster campaigns with a call to action to text in to a shortcode to enter a competition or cast a vote.
The service is operated from a 3Bill server and enables a campaign to be run from inception to completion without the involvement of any other third parties. In essence, says 3Bill, the user can upload content to create a library of, for example, images, sound recordings and music tracks and convert them automatically into a format that can be downloaded onto a mobile; select and set up the type of campaign or service to be run, including voting, polling, competitions, donations or content-led services, including full music track and video downloads; select and run the tariff for any premium text message services, from 25p to 5; generate revenue by taking payment of premium rate messages directly from the mobile phone aggregator as per the agreed tariff; and develop a customer retention strategy by providing detailed data analysis of all responses received, including the mobile number, time received and the mobile network used. This information can then be used as a CRM tool for developing future campaigns.
3Bill operates a tiered payment structure to suit different types of user. The service starts with a 275 set-up fee and 200 per month rental, using a plug-and-play installation, through to the opportunity for any user to buy their own server and wholly-owned service. This, says Symbios, may appeal to a major FMCG brand wishing to run a series of ongoing mobile marketing campaigns. A package has also been designed for marketing agencies that allows them to integrate a mobile marketing platform into the range of services they offer their clients. 3Bill says the technology can also be licensed for co-development in territories other than the UK.
We believe that 3Bill will lead the way in mobile marketing messaging to allow companies to engage their customers in a very simple to use, highly cost effective and targeted manner says Symbios CEO, Martin Montague. Put simply 3Bill is a one stop shop for anyone wishing to run a mobile marketing campaign.
To see 3Bill in action, text DEMO to 81581.