3DLook launches Mobile Tailor 2.0 body measurement and 3D modelling solution

3DLook, which develops AI-powered mobile body scanning and virtual try-on solutions, has launched Mobile Tailor 2.0, a SaaS product that it says enables businesses to digitally measure customers anywhere, anytime with unmatched accuracy, and unlocks new personalized customer experiences.

After a simple registration process, businesses gain instant access to a customized Mobile Tailor admin panel, enabling them to roll out the solution on their website in minutes as an embedded widget, or share measurement links with their customers via email and SMS. After a quick front and side photo capture process, customers body measurements and accurate 3D models are immediately uploaded to the Mobile Tailor Admin panel and ready to be used. 

For the made-to-measure (MTM) segment, Mobile Tailor 2.0 has proven to reduce remake costs by up to 90 per cent and alteration costs by up to 50 per cent. Moreover, businesses can leverage the solution to boost customer loyalty and retention by as much as 67 per cent, while eliminating the time-consuming process of manual measurements. When used for traditional fashion eCommerce, 3DLook says it can reduce product returns by 6 per cent.

The platform also enables brands to capture and incorporate accurate body data into customer profiles in real-time. Brands and retailers can embed scanning links into chatbots, appointment scheduling forms, and customer profiles, arming customer support teams and call centres with the ability to understand the body size and shape of the customer instantly.  

The core proprietary tech stack behind Mobile Tailor 2.0 comprises of generative morphable models of the human body; accurate and robust computer vision pipelines; and body measurement and size recommendation algorithms. Moreover, in 2022 the company announced a significant accuracy increase, as a result of major core technology advancements that were focused on computer vision landmark detection, volumetric benchmarking, and higher precision in measurement algorithms. The company also generated synthetic training data to enhance precision in larger sizes for more inclusive body representation.

Mobile Tailor 2.0 offers a range of pricing plans, with a Starter pack available for $99 per month. Larger companies can opt for the Enterprise plan, which includes API access, enabling businesses to customize the experience and integrate it into their backend OMS, CRM, and ERP systems. The solution is available on 3DLook’s website. 

Mobile Tailor 2.0 is a SaaS version of 3DLooks successful Mobile Tailor product, which was initially launched during the pandemic to enable uniform, MTM, bridal, rental, and on-demand businesses to operate remotely. Mobile Tailor has garnered the trust of hundreds of businesses, with 68 per cent of its customers using the product for two or more years. Mobile Tailor’s long-term customers include uniform industry firm, Unisync, Burlington Medical, custom luxury fashion brands Baynes and Baker and Lanieri, as well as on-demand platforms, Tailoor and Binks.