3DLook launches shareable virtual fitting room to fight returns problem

AI-first mobile body measuring and virtual try-on solutions firm 3DLook has launched its  YourFit 2.0 omnichannel fashion personalization and engagement platform. With privacy and inclusivity at the core, the out-of-the-box solution is designed to help fashion brands and retailers fight massive increases in return rates. 3DLOOK’s customers have seen overall decreases in return rates by 30 per cent year-over-year combined with 4X increases in eCommerce conversions and 30 per cent increases in AOV (average order value).

YourFit 2.0 offers a combination of an engaging photorealistic virtual try-on with instant feedback on what size would fit best, powered by its patented core technology that accurately captures and instantly processes customers’ body data.

It introduces a new personalized recommendation engine that lets users virtually try on AI-picked items based on the shopper’s body shape and measurements, fit preference, inventory and best-sellers. A new social sharing feature encourages shoppers to share their try-on with a single tap.

“We have spent the last year listening to feedback from brands, retailers, and thousands of consumers to re-envision what a virtual fit experience should look like to meet the demands of modern digital consumers,” said 3DLook CEO, Vadim Rogovskiy. “Everyone is frustrated with fit, both from the brand perspective and also from the consumer. Returns are simply a huge hassle and shoppers want a better way to see and find the clothes that fit them best. The new assists disruptive brands in overcoming this challenge, providing them with the digital means to support consumers on their shopping journey no matter where they are, while encouraging greater sustainability and inclusivity.”

YourFit 2.0 is currently available for Shopify and Shopify Plus, with more eCommerce platforms on the roadmap. For all platforms, YourFit 2.0 comes with API and SDK packages optimized for both web and native IOS and Android.

The platform powers a streamlined and contactless in-store experience using advanced NFC and RFID technology to “tap-to-virtual fit,” or it can be used with QR codes to “scan-to-virtual fit,” enabling consumers to have the same brand experience regardless of where they are choosing to purchase. 

The solution can also bind the store location to the brand’s YourFit 2.0 merchant account so that when shoppers are in stores, it enables proximity-based notifications and marketing. Later this year, YourFit 2.0 will also be available as an app for store associates so that they can leverage personalization data.

“In our collective forty years in the fashion industry, we have experienced first-hand the challenge of matching customers with their right size,” said Wes McCaw and Noah Treshnell, Co-Founders of Date of Birth, one of the first companies to roll out YourFit 2.0. “With sustainability and inclusivity at the core of Date of Birth, a digital marketplace where customers discover and shop sustainable, inclusive and local apparel brands, it’s essential that everyone can easily find their right size and fit. Our partnership with 3DLook helps our customers find their fit in seconds, and provides an experience that reduces returns and the steep environmental cost that comes with it.”