3G Vision Powers Telstra Mobile Advertising Solution

3GVision, the developer of the i-nigma 2D mobile barcode solution, and Telstra Corporation, the Australian telco and information services company, have announced the commercial launch of the Telstra Mobile Advertising Campaign Manager, the next evolution in Telstras mobile code solution. 
The advertising campaign manager provides marketers with real-time reporting on campaign performance metrics, including the number of codes scanned, and response volume by location, time and media type. It powered by 3GVisions Enterprise Manager Reporting system.
The Telstra Mobile Codes service enables Telstra Next G network customers to scan Quick Response (QR) codes on media such as newspaper ads, posters, point of sale material and product packaging with their cameraphone. The code reading software is embedded in Next G handsets. Once scanned, codes direct phones to information and promotional offers hosted on the mobile web, eliminating the need to manually enter mobile web addresses or response details.
The introduction of the campaign manager allows marketers harnessing Telstra Mobile Codes to access response data including approximate location, response rates and time, media type and consumer segment, says Ross Fielding, Executive Director, Telstra Product Management. This intelligence helps advertisers maximize their promotional spend and equips them to adjust elements like media mix and location mid-campaign if necessary.
The Telstra Mobile Advertising Campaign Manager is powered by 3GVisions end-to-end 2D mobile code solution. The system incorporates a server hosted by Telstra, a customized campaign manager application integrated with specific operator services and data, and code reading software embedded in Telstra Next G handsets.
The Telstra Mobile Code service was launched in mid-2008 and the code-reading application is currently installed on more than 1.5 million handsets across 22 different models. It is available on a wide variety of mobile platforms, ranging from JAVA devices to Symbian, Windows Mobile and Blackberry handsets, with an iPhone version due in the near future.