3GVision Makes a French Connection

3GVision, which supplies mobile barcode reading solutions, has announced a partnership with French firm, Connecthings, to extend the use and compatibility of 2D barcode-reading technology to most mobile phone models in France.
Connecthings, which provides barcodes and contextualized location- and time-based content management systems, will help publishers, advertisers, government agencies and local businesses to create 2D barcode campaigns and mobile applications. The campaigns will use Flashcode technology, as well as QR and DataMatrix barcodes. Any phone equipped with a sufficient resolution camera will be able to read all barcode types, off pretty much anything, including print, so long as the user has the Flashcode reader pre-installed on their device, or downloads 3GVisions barcode reading application, i-nigma.
The i-nigma barcode reading application can already be used in the City of Toulouse to fast-track mobile subscribers and tourists to content including directional maps and timetables, that are printed on bus shelters and street furniture. Mobile subscribers scan Flashcode, QR and Data Matrix barcodes with their mobile phones camera and gain instant access to virtual guides of the city, maps, real-time location based messages and multimedia content.
We are always striving to offer the best solutions to our customers and we believe that i-nigma can provide a vital element in facilitating traditional-to-digital connections and making mobile barcodes use more attractive in France, says Connectthings CEO,  Laetitia Gazel Anthoine. The partnership comes amid fast-expanding use of mobile phones, including the iPhone and other Smartphones. Scanning 2D barcodes for quick and easy access to desired information and multimedia on the mobile web will give added value to mobile subscribers.
The i-nigma end-to-end 1D/2D mobile barcode solution comprises an intuitive and simple barcode creation, campaign management and reporting platform, enabling fast and reliable web service for creating and web-linking barcodes to information and promotional offers. The solution includes tools to enable real-time tracking of ongoing campaign success, based on time; number of codes scanned and response volume by location; user segmentation; and media type.