3ple Unveils Mercury Campaign Solution

3ple-Media has announced the launch of its Mercury Campaign push multimedia application. The company says the solution brings the proven, analytical protocols of the advertising world squarely into the mobile arena. Mobile operators and marketers can use Mercury Campaign to launch effective, targeted campaigns that maximise the creativity, precision controls, viral tracking, cross-media promotional opportunities, ROI and mass-personalisation of the mobile medium. With full control of the content environment, the company says, operators can finally realise the revenue advantages of multimedia services.
Mercury Campaign is already being used by global mobile operators running advertising and marketing campaigns targeted to 4 million subscribers, returning weekly six-figure revenues per campaign. 3-ple Media says the solution has been designed to deliver a win-win-win result for operators, third party mobile advertisers and subscribers.
For operators, the revenue generation capability is uncapped, and the speed of delivery uncompromised by existing infrastructure issues. For operators and advertisers, the vast functionality incorporates all the elements required for highly successful mobile multimedia campaigns. This includes viral tracking; real-time campaign analytics; subscriber profiling analysis, including age, location, previous response history, preferences, existing content subscriptions and roaming status; real-time ROI analysis and reporting; easy management of subscriber lists; and mass-personalisation of content, regardless of the number of recipients. The solution is also DRM (Digital Rights Management) OMA standard-compliant.
For subscribers, the results are highly compelling, timely, relevant, spam-free multimedia services they now demand from their mobile operator and trusted brands.
3ple-media Chief Commercial Officer StJohn Deakins says that unlike other online, off-portal solutions, push multimedia represents a highly valuable opportunity for operators to position themselves at the head of the multimedia value chain and launch a variety of in-demand services.
Our solutions combine the right technology and commercial structure to make push multimedia work effectively and profitably for mobile operatorssays Deakins. With this in place, they can tackle the big four services that will bring the best revenue rewards: As-Live Content, for example sending soccer goals to 100,000 subscribers in 3-4 minutes; Branded Mobile Advertising; High Value Content Subscriptions such as bundled music packages; and Operator Generated Advertising to drive adoption and launch new services or promotions.”