40 Per Cent Have Experienced Problems Browsing Sites on Tablets

69 per cent of Tablet users expect a website to load in two seconds or less, according to research from technology performance company Compuware. 70 per cent, meanwhile, expect websites to load just as quickly, or quicker, than on a desktop/laptop computer.

However, 40 per cent have experienced problems using websites on their Tablets. Based on the study of 2,000 Tablet users worldwide, the most frequent issue was slow loading times (at 66 per cent), followed by site crashes (44 per cent), problems with site functions (42 per cent), and issues with the format of sites (40 per cent).

“Consumers and enterprises have embraced Tablets in large numbers for everything from web browsing and social networking to mission-critical business applications that increase employee productivity and drive revenue,” says Steve Tack, CTO of Compuware. “However, based on the survey results, companies are not meeting web experience expectations. Tablet users represent a coveted audience that in general tends to spend more per order, so organizations that ignore Tablet users do so at their own peril.”

The study found that 46 per cent of Tablet users will retry a website only once or twice if it did not work initially, and that the same number are driven away to competitors site by a bad experience. 35 per cent, meanwhile, are less likely to visit the problematic website on any platform, and 33 per cent are less likely to purchase from that company.