47 per cent of Telecom Professionals Deploying App-Aware Service Plans

17 per cent of telecom professionals have already deployed app-aware service plans, such as YouTube streaming plans, according to a poll from Avvasi and BroadHop – and  another 30 per cent plan to deploy one over the next 12 months.

The poll, conducted by Yankee Group, surveyed 70 global telecom professionals on their plans for implementing monetisation strategies for OTT (over-the-top) video content and found that 13 per cent are deploying, or planning to deploy, CDN (content delivery network) technology in the coming year. 40 per cent, meanwhile, said they were currently engaging or plan to partner with content providers to enhance their subscribers’ OTT experience.

“The poll results indicate a growing interest in monetising OTT video traffic” says Brian Partridge, vice president of network research at Yankee Group. “Service providers are recognizing that they must first build media delivery capabilities into their networks if they ever hope to monetise their OTT video traffic – either through subscribers, or via media companies and advertisements.”

Sponsors of the poll Avvasi and BroadHop are the founding members of Connexus, a disruptive architecture aimed at enabling service providers, content providers and advertisers to become part of a connected value chain delivering monetised video on mobile.