4C Insights Introduces Self-serve Technology for Snap Ads

Tim Maytom

4C Insights + SnapData science and media technology company 4C Insights has launched a self-serve technology for Snap Ads.

The 4C software-as-a-service platform enables marketers to ‘closely manage their Snapchat campaigns’. Features are said to include bulk editing, smart groups, auto-optimisation and single sign on workflow for Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest and Twitter. Furthermore, 4C says marketers will be able to synchronise their Snap Ads with their TV ads or the ads of their competitors due to 4C’s Teletrax, which enables TV synced ads and analytics.

“By fully committing to SaaS, 4C ensures that our products have the most robust feature sets and continually improve as the market evolves,” said Anupam Gupta, CPO at 4C. “Managed service providers often take shortcuts in product development because their model accounts for people to plug the gaps. On the other hand, our self-serve technology for Snap Ads puts the power of our data science at marketers’ fingertips, so they can make informed campaign decisions more quickly and achieve key brand objectives.”