4m Apple Watch Shipments in First Quarter

Alex Spencer

apple watch slideshowWhen Apple's latest quarterly results were announced earlier this week, we pointed to the lack of Apple Watch sales figures as a sign that the devices might not be meeting expectations. But according to a Strategy Analytics report, the Watch already holds a 75.5 per cent share of the smartwatch market.

The report estimates 4m Apple Watches were shipped in Q2 2015. While it's worth noting that this figure is shipments rather than sales, this would mean the Watch is outperforming the original iPhone and iPad, which respectively sold 270,000 and 3.3m units in their first quarter of sale .

Shipments of the Apple Watch drove a record 457 per cent year-on-year growth in the smartwatch market as whole. Shipments jumped to 5.3m units – more than the number of smartwatches (4.6m) sold during the entirety of 2014.

Apple left its nearest competitor, Samsung, in the dust with just 0.4m shipments. That's a significant drop from Q2 2014, when it shipped 0.7m units and held a 73.6 per cent share of the market.