4th Screen Cuts Ad Deal with Shazam

Mobile ad network 4th Screen Advertising has struck a Europe-wide mobile advertising deal with mobile music discovery provider, Shazam.
Shazam has enabled 4th Screens sales team and ad serving technology platform, Mpression, to serve targeted adverts into its leading European territories of the UK, Germany, France and Spain. Mpression will be using the music tagging information to enable advanced targeting for advertisers. As well as the usual mobile targeting parameters such as handset type and time of day, advertisers will be able to target consumers based on their music tastes, for example by artist name or by individual track names. 4th Screen says it expects this targeting to appeal to music related brands, as well as brands with an association with music.
The launch comes as 4th Screen rolls out its new rich media in-application ad formats for iPhone, Android and Ovi applications. These formats will allow advertisers to access the video, GPS and call functions on the handsets to engage with consumers. The iSlide formats will offer touch-to-expand, touch-to-video and touch-to-call as well as touch-to-find-my-nearest.
Rated the fifth most popular application overall in the Apple App Store, and with over 35 million users globally across all platforms, the addition of Shazam will bolster 4th Screens premium ad-network which also includes other Tier 1 publishers such as ITN ON and the Guardian.
4th Screen Advertising Managing Director Mark Slade says the company is excited to be working with one of the leading global mobile applications.
This is a truly mobile service, so we expect it will be very appealing for brands looking to advertise on mobile, says Slade. In-application advertising also allows us to run far more targeted and compelling advertising formats. We will be able to serve adverts based on what music users like and where they are located this is a unique advertising opportunity.