4th Screen Unveils Engagement Platform

Premium mobile advertising agency 4th Screen Advertising has announced the launch of a new mobile advertising proposition, the Engagement Platform.

4th Screen says the platform, based on the latest release of its ad-serving software, Mpression, which includes global publishers such as, Vodafone, Shazam, The Guardian and Virgin mobile, delivers deep mobile advertising engagement tools, including advanced mobile rich media formats (including bespoke formats for individual publishers), targeting techniques and engagement tracking.

Taken together, the company says, the suite of new tools gives publishers the opportunity to offer advertisers, media buyers and planners access to premium inventory, coupled with the ability to create compelling rich mobile ad campaigns that go well beyond the standard banner advertising model that mimics online advertising and delivers a very low yield.

The Engagement Platform includes new software developer kits (SDKs) enabling advertisers to can take full advantage of 4th Screen’s advanced mobile ad formats such as the iSlide, video, interstitials, location, augmented reality and overlays; a separate innovation hub to develop bespoke formats for individual applications and publishers; advanced data mining to offer real time campaign planning and segmentation, as well as ongoing artificial intelligence to dynamically optimise campaign performance; engagement research and reporting to show the value of mobile beyond the click; a full suite of campaign planning tools, enabling advertisers and agencies to plan and create highly targeted campaigns based on audience profiles, location and time; and access to 4th Screen’s premium global publisher network, which includes publishers in Europe, N. America, S. Africa and Asia

“Mobile advertising has evolved in step with the explosion of smartphone users,” says 4th Screen MD, Mark Slade. “4th Screen’s creative vision has always been to push advertising well beyond the banner format. The Engagement Platform is all about developing unique concepts for each of our customers, be that a brand, publisher, high-end application or mobile service, so the interaction between the advert and consumer is engaging and relevant to the mobile experience.

As an example, Slade cites 4th Screen’s work with Shazam, where the ad network serves highly targeted mobile ads based on the music tagging information at the heart of the Shazam service. “This underlines our expertise in both creativity and technology, as it has allowed us to innovate and show our commitment to helping publishers deliver value and relevancy to their advertisers,” he says. “This in turn stimulates the value of Shazam’s inventory, because it is based upon a much deeper and relevant advertising experience for users.”