55 Per Cent of Consumers Consider Mobile Critical to Good Marketing

Crowd of people crossing road shopping55 per cent of consumers are more likely to respond to timely marketing messages, and feel that location and mobile are critical factors to ensuring these messages are relevant to them, new research has shown.

The study demonstrated the importance of consumers receiving the right information, with 45 per cent of UK consumers less likely to engage with or buy from brands who dont provide them with the relevant information they need to make a purchasing decision.

The research, carried out by mobile gamification company 3radical, also pointed to the importance of personalisation, with 30 per cent of consumers stating that they will ignore communications from even their favourite brands due to a lack of bespoke and targeted marketing.

“Brands need to completely rethink the way they are interacting with their customers and prospects in order to survive,” said David Eldridge, CEO and co-founder of 3radical. “The fundamentals of our business are built on the knowledge that typically less than five per cent of marketing communications are getting a response – that leaves a 95 percent opportunity for brands to get one up on their competitors.

“Our research shows that consumers are giving brands a clear message about what they want; nowadays, they are looking for a true value exchange between the business and the customer. It needs to be mobile and it must be contextually relevant to them.”