58 per cent Prefer Ad-funded Apps to Paid or Freemium

shutterstock_117932728Mobile users prefer free, ad-supported mobile apps to those that cost money, or require payment to unlock all levels of content, according to a new survey.

The research, conducted by Zogby Analytics for the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA), polled over 1,000 US consumers, and found that 58 per cent preferred free apps, even if they were supported with advertising. Only eight per cent of users said they would download all their free apps if they were required to pay for them, while 46 per cent said they wouldnt download any if forced to pay.

The research also showed that consumers wanted tools to control how data was collected and used in mobile environments, similar to those available on desktop and laptop computers. Almost 60 per cent of respondents said they would feel more favourably towards companies that provided ubiquitous, real-time choice regarding their ad practices.

Later this year, the DAA will be launching a tool called AppChoices that enables consumers to manage their relevant advertising preferences across mobile apps.

“Americans want transparency and choice that is available to them whenever and however they use the Internet, including the mobile environment,” said Lou Mastria, executive director of the DAA. “DAA provides a platform for companies to provide these privacy features in an enforceable manner which builds trust in this emerging ecosystem.

“66 per cent of Americans said that mobile transparency and choice tools should let them pick and choose which companies bring them relevant offers, a functionality that DAA has a proven track record of providing on the web, and looks forward to bringing to the mobile space.”