60 per cent of Publishers Expect Programmatic Partnership Growth

aop60 per cent of publishers are expecting programmatic partnerships to increase over the course of 2016, with a further eight of of ten viewing data monetisation as a key area for expanding current business activity.

The figures come from the Association of Online Publishing (AOP), and its latest Organisation Census which was carried out between March and June 2016 among 20 publisher members.

According to the report, the shift towards streamlined media trading is gaining momentum, with publishers embracing more data-focused technologies and half of those surveyed expected increased investment in marketing automation.

Data is increasingly important within the digital publishing landscape. While 90 per cent of publishers feel data storage is satisfactory, 80 per cent also feel it is a key area for development, and 40 per cent are looking to increase database and data analysis staff numbers this year.

Data management was one of the most cited prominent areas of development, with half of publishers focusing on building up their capabilities, ahead of social media (45 per cent) and video desktop (45 per cent).

In terms of digital audience, every respondent reported an increase in their smartphone audience over the past 12 months, with 60 per cent experiencing a “major increase”, and a 70 per cent reporting an increase on tablet. Only 35 per cent registered an increase on desktop, with the same amount reporting a decrease in desktop numbers.

“This year’s AOP Organisation Census is indicative of an increasingly dynamic industry,” said Richard Reeves, managing director of AOP. “Activation and monetisation of data is shown to be a key focus for publishers, who are embracing technology as well as recruiting a greater number of specialists in automated trading, data analysis, and creative partnerships with advertisers.

“We continue to see investment in staffing and skills development across many areas of our members’ businesses. This in turn has been reflected by recent developments at the AOP, including the introduction of an audience development group and the launch of an online resource hub with tools to assist the personal development of all grades of member employees across the publisher organisation.”

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