61 Per Cent of Ad Impressions from Apps, says Celtra

Example ad creative from Q4
Example ad creative from Q4

61 per cent of mobile ad impressions in Q4 were served in apps, rather than web browsers, according to a Celtra report based on campaigns run on its platform.

53 per cent of impressions came from iOS, beating out Androids 44 per cent; and 87 per cent came from smartphones, compared to 13 per cent on tablets.

While the majority of impressions on standard ad formats came from expandable banners (54 per cent), the shares of non-expandable banners (27 per cent) and interstitials (19 per cent) are growing.

Retail was the dominant vertical, making up 20 per cent of all requested impressions in Q4 – unsurprisingly, given that it covers the traditional Christmas shopping period. Retail also saw the best ad expansion rate of any vertical, at 1.06 per cent.