62 Per Cent in US Own a Smartphone

62 per cent of people in the US now own a smartphone, up more than 10 per cent since they became the mobile majority in early 2012.

 Android handsets make up 52 per cent of handsets in the US smartphone market, according to Nielsen’s Q2 market analysis, but this is split across a variety of different manufacturers. Samsung is the largest Android manufacturer, taking 24 per cent of total handsets, followed by HTC and Motorola on 9 per cent and LG on 7 per cent.

Apple has increased its share by 6 per cent year-on-year, now taking 40 per cent of the market. Windows Phone represents 2 per cent of handsets, with Nokia its largest manufacturer at 1.2 per cent. RIM’s share of handsets and OS has remained at 3 per cent since March 2013.