62 Per Cent of Us are Second Screeners

62 per cent of people use interactive devices, including Tablets, mobiles and laptops, while watching TV, according to consumer research conducted by Futuresource as part of its Living With Digital tracker. Among 16–18 year olds, that figure rises to 85 per cent, but even among 56–65 year olds, more than half of respondents said they engage in second screen behaviour.

But typically, across age groups, only 25 per cent of these seconds screeners are using their device to find out more about the programme they are watching online. The majority are involved in completely unrelated activities – with checking emails, general web surfing and online shopping high on the list.

“Second screen has become the industry conversation topic of the last six months, with TV and handheld device manufacturers, broadcasters and programme makers all impacted by the trend,” says Futuresource director and co-founder Jim Bottoms. “As smartphone and tablet ownership grows, and all the projections show that this growth is not being interrupted by the economic hardship currently endured in Europe, the usage of a second screen device is going to expand. The challenge for the content community and broadcasters and – just as importantly – their advertisers, is to try to boost the 25 per cent who are extending their engagement with the programme they are viewing, and perhaps turn it into a revenue generating opportunity.”